Solutions For Animal Control In Baltimore

Solutions For Animal Control In Baltimore

Communities throughout Baltimore such as Cockeysville, Towson, Pikesville, and White Marsh are plagued with a variety of animal control problems. This is why there’s an increase in demand for animal control solutions in Baltimore County. During the spring animal control companies in Baltimore are busy removing birds from dryer vents, kitchen vents, and bathroom vents. Several different species of birds have taken to building their nest in vents that do not have a bird proof vent cover. These vents offer shelter from harsh weather and protection from predators. Spring is also the time of the year when groundhogs come out of hibernation. The juvenile groundhogs from last year’s litters will leave their mothers’ den to seek out their own territory and dig their own dens. Groundhog dens have between 2 and 5 holes on the surface of the ground that are up to 50 feet apart from each other. These holes lead to their main chamber underground. Groundhogs cleverly hide their entry holes under the crawl spaces of homes, under shrubs and under piles of wood. In April Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is flooded with calls from hundreds of homeowners wanting to know how to get rid of groundhogs. The photo below was taken at a home on Round Oak Road, Towson, Maryland 21204. This homeowner was surprised to find this groundhog on her top deck. Apparently, the groundhog had been climbing up 8 steps to feed on the flowers in a planter on the deck. It was also ripping open trash bags that the homeowner had put on the deck. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control humanly live-trapped this groundhog and filled in two holes to prevent other groundhogs from moving in.

Snakes are another critter in need of control as they emerge from their hibernation in the spring. Gartner Snakes are usually the first snake species to come out of hibernation. The Gartner Snake in the photo below was removed from the basement of a home on Oakdale Ave, Parkville, Maryland 21234 on March 2nd. After Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control removed the snake they sealed several entry points to prevent any other snakes from entering in the future. Snakes are not able to chew or dig so they can only enter a home through pre-existing holes. It is common for snakes to enter homes through holes that mice have chewed through.

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control’s technicians are busy around the clock providing raccoon removal, squirrel removal, snake removal, bat removal, ground hog removal, mouse removal, and rat removal services in Baltimore. They also provide repair services for damages caused by wildlife. If you are in need of Baltimore County animal control services, give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at 866-784-8058.

5 Wildlife Intrusion Points to Reinforce

5 Wildlife Intrusion Points to Reinforce

It’s the end of the year and it’s time to make plans for 2017! You can plan vacations, major home renovations and your personal goals. And although it’s not a very exiting thing to plan for, we’d like to encourage you to plan to inspect and patch up your home to keep it safe from animal intruders. This is especially important for older homes and houses where maintenance was not been in the budget for the past few years. Make the time for it, put away some money and you will benefit long term from not having to deal with raccoons in your attic or bats in your walls. Our Maryland wildlife removal experts are happy to guide you and help you figure out which items may need your attention.


Sometimes, animals can enter your home through the chimney, but more often they use the chimney as a safe nesting spot. Think about it: chimney is hard to see into, protects well from the elements, and the very bottom of it is warm, as it’s inside the house. Squirrels, raccoons, birds and bats all are known to live in unused chimneys. To prevent this from happening, make sure your chimney has a chimney cap that is securely installed. In addition to living in the chimney, some animals may use the weak flashing around the chimney to get into your attic. Squirrels do this frequently, as they are small and don’t need much of a hole to squeeze through. Be sure to have a roofer inspect your chimney flashing and replace it as needed.

Roof Vents

We’ve talked in detail about protecting your vents in one of our recent posts, so feel free to refer to it for more information. To sum it up for you, make sure that all vents that exit in or near your roof have covers on them that prevent animals from getting in. These should be covers made of steel mesh or similar materials—something a squirrel can’t easily chew through. The specific vents you should worry about include gable vents, plumbing vents, appliance vents, etc.

Roof Line and Fascia Boards

Homes are different. Some homes are built like fortresses, while others are much less secure. For example, in many older homes you can find an unsealed gap right where the edge of the roof deck meets the fascia board. In construction, this space is called a drip edge and it needs to be sealed with a metal strip. If it’s not sealed, animals, especially squirrels, can lift the shingles up and then widen the gap with their teeth until it’s big enough for them to get through.

Porch and Deck

If you have a front porch or a ground-level deck with space underneath, you may find that many animals gravitate to it. Chipmunks, opossums, skunks, groundhogs, foxes and raccoons are all known to nest under decks and porches. While a chipmunk won’t do much damage, a groundhog can seriously undermine the structure. To keep these animals out, wooden lattice is typically not enough. You may need a galvanized mesh and you may need to bury it several inches below ground. If your deck, porch or shed is high enough off the ground that you can crawl under it, consider keeping it open and airy instead. Most animals like dark, secluded places, so if your “crawlspace” is sunny and airy, they may be discouraged to use it.


Landscaping is something many homeowners overlook when taking measures to protect their homes from animal intruders. Meanwhile, landscaping is very important in keeping wildlife at bay. For example, maintaining shorter grass will provide less cover for snakes, groundhogs and mice to hide in. Removing overhanging tree branches will help prevent squirrels and raccoons from accessing your roof. Finally, removing certain types of trees and shrubs can discourage certain animals that come to your property for nuts or berries. If you take care of these 5 areas around your home, you will be far ahead of many homeowners! And if you ever find yourself dealing with nuisance wildlife, you can always rely on Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control for immediate help!

Don’t Shoot a Raccoon – Call Maryland Animal Removal

Don’t Shoot a Raccoon – Call Maryland Animal Removal

A Chambersburg, PA man was recently cited by the police for discharging a firearm in the Chambersburg borough. He was trying to shoot a raccoon living under the shed near his office building. This is only one of the many documented and undocumented cases of homeowners, property managers and random strangers trying to deal with nuisance wildlife with weapons or lethal traps. You should know that not only is this illegal in some cases, but it’s also for the most part ineffective and can even put you in danger. Our Maryland raccoon removal specialists are here to explain why.

Killing the Animal is Unnecessary

Let’s face it, no one has to die in a human-animal conflict, unless you are dealing with a raccoon that has rabies. Most animals can be safely captured and relocated, never to come back and bother you again. Yes, it may cost a bit more money than firing a bullet, but then you won’t be stuck with a dead animal under your deck or shed, which if left there can cause unpleasant odor and even infest your home with fleas.

Dead Animal Removal is Not Free

The state and county roadkill removal teams don’t remove dead wildlife from private properties. This means you would either have to hire a dead animal removal company or you would need to drag or drive the dead raccoon to plant it as roadkill. Either way, that’s an unpleasant undertaking that can be easily avoided.

Animals Can Get Aggressive

Don’t underestimate strength and viciousness of a raccoon, especially if it’s a mother protecting her nest. Raccoons generally don’t attack people and try to stay away from us, but they may also carry diseases that can make them aggressive. For example, rabies and canine distemper are fairly common in raccoons. A recent case in Largo, FL involved an elderly man who simply stomped at two raccoons crossing a street, which was enough to provoke one of the animals (possibly carrying a baby on its back) to attack. The man ended up with 19 stitches from a raccoon bite and a broken bone from the fall.

There are Laws for Discharging Firearms

Discharging any kind of firearm within the city limits is typically illegal outside of a few exceptions. Outside of the city, you are typically allowed to fire a weapon on your property, as long as it’s not automatic. If you are not very experienced with guns, you risk injuring the animal and causing it a slow and painful death.

Killing Rarely Solves the Problem

People hire us not just because we remove nuisance wildlife from their property, but also because we clean up, repair damage and take measures to prevent future problems. Shooting a poor raccoon under your shed does none of that. There is still a hole you need to fill in, maybe boards to replace, and there is no guarantee more raccoons won’t come in its place. This is one of the reasons you may want to leave wildlife removal to a professional instead of settling a personal vendetta. We have studied these animals for years, we know their habits and lifestyle, and we can leave you with a clean consciousness and a peace of mind. Give us a call today for raccoon removal or other animal removal in Howard County, Montgomery County and throughout Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region.

Commercial Animal Control in Arnold

Commercial Animal Control in Arnold

When it comes to running a business in Arnold, there are plenty of problems an owner needs to anticipate. There are a number of things that can go wrong on any given day at any time that a business owner must be prepared for. One obstacle that owners may not consider is the possibility of needing commercial animal control for their business. Since Arnold has a river on either side, wildlife can be spotted often throughout the town. This means more opportunities for wildlife to find its way into your business, causing need for commercial animal control. Some animals that could find their way into your commercial building in Arnold include:

  • Rodents- Mice and rats have a tendency to find their way into commercial buildings through cracks in the building’s foundation. Trash or food left out in an establishment can help attract rodents. Space between commercial walls allows rodents to create nests and reproduce, which will cause serious problems for your business.
  • Birds- Open windows and vents allow birds to enter your building. If your building has a chimney, birds can get trapped within the chimney as well.
  • Snakes- Snakes will use gaps around pipes and plumbing to enter the basement of commercial buildings. Snakes will also follow rodents they are hunting into buildings as well.
  • Raccoons- Raccoons have become accustomed to living in urban and developed areas. Trash left out will attract raccoons and windows and doors left open will give raccoons access to your building.
  • Bats- Gaps and holes in roofs and sidings give bats access to your commercial buildings. Chimneys and vents can also allow bats to enter your business building.

Without commercial animal control, wildlife can cause havoc and damage to your business and commercial building. Damage can be caused to the structure of the building along with water and element damage the building will then be left vulnerable to. Feces left behind by the animals can harbor diseases and bacteria that can be harmful to your customers and staff. If customers see wildlife in your establishment, your business could receive a bad reputation for being unsanitary and unprofessional.

Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control is here to provide professional commercial animal control for Arnold businesses. Our trained technicians are able to locate any type of wildlife in your commercial building and then determine which humane technique would be best to remove the animal from your establishment. To get started with commercial animal control from Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control, call us today at 443-417-3137. We are available at any hour, both day and night. You can also use our contact page. Follow us today on Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.