Best Way To Go About Dead Animal Removal

Best Way To Go About Dead Animal Removal

One of the first things that a person learns in biology class is that everything, from the smallest mouse to the largest deer has to die at some point. Each organism is part of the grand circle of life and keeps the ecosystem in relative balance. Unfortunately, from time to time, that may mean that you’ll find a dead animal on your property. In such cases, you’ll require dead animal removal services. At Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, we’re proud to provide these services to our clients. To learn about the best way to go about animal removal in MD, contact our team today by calling [Direct].

The Need For Dead Animal Removal Services

Animals may die for many reasons. They could have been diseased, hit by a car, or attacked by your overly-zealous housecat. If you have a dead animal on your property, you’ll know about it fairly quickly. The smell of a dead creature is unique, in that it is extremely foul and can travel a significant amount of space. In addition, you’ll find that you have a good deal of scavenging animals hanging around your property, including raccoons, crows, and buzzards.

It is vital to seek dead animal removal services as soon as possible. The longer the carcass lies in your yard, the more scavengers will come, and the worse the animal will smell. The animal will also attract parasites and other insects, all of which can carry illnesses that can infect you, your family, and your pets. One such creature is the deer tick, which can carry Lyme’s Disease. These creatures will be actively looking for a new, living thing to attach to. As such, it’s essential that you do not touch the animal. Wait until one of our animal removal team members can come to remove it.

If the creature dies inside your house, removing the carcass can be complicated. It may be challenging to figure out where the dead animal is, as the removal expert must go by their sense of smell. We may also need to cut into the wall to remove the animal and any animals that are still living in your house. While this is not ideal, it can keep both you and your loved ones safe from diseases and possible animal attacks.

After our team has removed the dead animal’s carcass, you’ll need to make sure that the area is disinfected and deodorized. This step ensures that no disease or other animals are left.

Professional Dead Animal Removal Services

In the state of Maryland, there are a variety of rules and regulations that oversee dead animal removal, and it’s important to follow these rules. Fortunately, at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Removal, we have specialized training on removing animals, whether they are alive or dead. It’s crucial not to put the health of you and your family at risk by trying to remove the creature on your own. Instead, choosing to get help from a humane animal removal team and seeking animal repellent services can benefit everyone involved.

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You should not have to deal with a dead animal on your own. Let us help. At Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Removal, our team has years of experience in removing animals. In addition to dead animal removal in MD, we also provide a range of other services, including:

Please don’t try to handle a dead animal on your property alone. Get help from experts to protect your health and your family’s. To learn more about our services or our dead animal removal experts, contact the experts at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife today by calling [Direct].

How To Stop Animals From Coming Back After Removal

How To Stop Animals From Coming Back After Removal

The skittering of tiny claws is never a pleasant sound from your attic or garage. Unfortunately, with the ever-expanding touch of humankind, wild animals are looking for places where they can hide. These wild animals can not only damage your home but also expose your family to diseases, such as hantavirus and rabies. With the help of humane wildlife control services, such as the ones we offer at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, you can get these animals removed from your home. However, you may be wondering how to keep the little critters out after animal removal services. Fortunately, at our East Coast wildlife control center, we have the answers.

If you need animal removal or home animal prevention, contact the experts at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control today at [Direct]. We can help you remove the creatures from your property and keep them far away from you and your loved ones.

Keeping Animals From Coming Back After Animal Removal Services

Protecting your home and family against wild animals begins with preventative actions. Begin by inspecting your home for potential points of entry. You can also ask a professional to do this for you. Many animals can squeeze through tiny openings or make them bigger to allow them to squeeze through, so it’s vital to be thorough. Look for places where your pipes, cables, or vents exit the home or places that your siding has deteriorated. You should also check for holes in the foundation and repair damaged screens and vents.

You should also have a home inspection professional examine your roof and gutters to make sure that there’s no unseen damage. The inspector should pay particular attention to areas where your dormers and gables meet the roof. You should also check for signs of water damage, which can create wood rot. Wood rot makes it easier for small critters to create or widen holes to get into your home.

You should also install an animal-proof chimney cap to make sure that birds, bats, and squirrels out of your chimney. Do not use window-screening material to do this, because it can clog your chimney with soot and debris. This clog can result in a severe fire hazard.

In addition, you should try to trim any overhanging branches, keeping them at least 10 feet from the roof of your home. Rats, squirrels, and other tree-dwellers may use these as bridges to your home.

If you see any areas where an animal has entered your home, it’s vital to call a humane animal removal specialist like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control.

Other Ways to Prevent Animals From Returning After Animal Removal

It’s important not to feed the wildlife around your house. Don’t let any fallen birdseed accumulate around the bird feeders, and feed your pets inside. You should also keep your garbage stored in a secured container. If you have a garden, you should also create a fence around the garden to keep rabbits, gophers, deer, and moles out. Also, you should pick up any fallen fruit and throw it away in an appropriate container.

You should also keep your firewood away from fences and your home. Stack the wood at least 2 feet away from the ground so that mice cannot nest in the soil or the woodpile. This action will also protect your house from termites. Make sure that you keep brush piles, dead trees, debris, or tall grass out of your yard to keep animals from returning to your property.

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At Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, we provide animal removal services for a variety of creatures, including:

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What is an Animal Removal Emergency?

What is an Animal Removal Emergency?

At Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, we work hard to cover all your animal pest removal needs. We are effective and humane and as experienced professionals, we have pretty much seen it all. Unlike other animal removal companies, We are available. If you have an animal emergency, you can call on us at any time. But what separates a regular removal call or preventative call from an emergency one? What is an animal removal emergency?

Emergency Scenarios

We take every call and removal seriously, but sometimes a homeowner may need someone out immediately, at very early hours of the morning, or very late at night. Animals are unpredictable and many Maryland nuisance animals are nocturnal and find themselves getting into areas around your home while you would normally be sleeping. We consider any wild animal in the home to be an animal removal emergency. There are many animals and scenarios that we commonly find. A raccoon may have entered your home through a pet door and forgotten how to get out. A squirrel or bat may have entered the house through your chimney and is now causing chaos in your home. A large Maryland snake may have found its way into your home and taken residence in your kitchen.

As you can imagine, these are all causes for homeowners to reach for their phones and call us, no matter what time of day or night. In addition to the home intruder, you may find that the animal on your property is causing major damage to your home or landscape. Whenever an animal is destroying your home or property we want to come out and remove it ASAP. Whether it is groundhogs in and around your homes foundation or raccoons destroying your roofing, or even other pests, like deer, getting into your garden and flower beds, we are here to help. We want to come out and save you from more extensive and expensive repairs.

Dead animal carcasses should also be removed as soon as possible to prevent the spread of odor and disease, as well as preventing other animals and birds from using this dead animal as a food source. If you have a dead animal in your home, in the walls, for example, you will want to remove as quickly as possible to prevent the odor from spreading. We neutralize and sanitize to ensure your home’s safety.

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Animal removal can be dangerous to do on your own. You run the risk of an attack or in the instance of a carcass, improperly removing and cleaning up after. Luckily Mid-Atlantic Wildlife is trained to remove animals from your home safely. We can do a number of kinds of animal removals including:

Whether it is an emergency scenario or just a regular call, we are here for you any time and any day of the week – contact us today! What is an animal removal emergency? Any unwanted guests in your walls or attic.

Howard County Homeowner Traumatized By Invasive Birds

Howard County Homeowner Traumatized By Invasive Birds

Birds can quickly turn from majestic fairytale like animals that are amazing to observe into nuisance pests that cause American property owners billions of dollars in damage each year. A Howard County homeowner has been watching many different species of birds for many years enjoy the bird houses he put up in his yard and the bird feeders he keeps filled with seed each day. The homeowner never suspected that the birds he was loyally feeding would invade his home and cause a couple thousand dollars in damages. The son of Mr. Chavez on Howes Lane in Columbia was visiting one Saturday afternoon and noticed a foul odor in the home. He searched everywhere for the source of the odor but found nothing so he called several different companies and government agencies seeking advice. After talking to a few people he was convinced that an animal must have dead in the walls. At the recommendation of Howard County Animal Control he call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control who specializes in dead animal removal. When the technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control arrived he know right away that the odor was a combination of dead birds and bird feces. The bathroom vents, kitchen vents and dryer vents were the first places the technician inspected. He discovered a terrible mess in the first floor bathroom vent. The vent pipe had come unattached from the exhaust fan housing and the birds were nesting on top of the bathroom ceiling around the exhaust vent. Several baby birds had died and the smell from the dead birds and bird feces was overwhelming.

The technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control wanted to be thorough so he inspected the other vents and the attic. He found birds nesting in one more bathroom vent but the real shocker was the amount of bird feces he found in the attic. It appeared that birds must have been nesting in the attic for many years and the floor of the attic was covered with bird feces, dead birds, and nesting materials. Technicians from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control spent two day removing all of the insulation from the attic that was covered with bird feces, dead birds and nesting material. After the insulation was bagged up and removed the technicians went over the entire attic with a vacuum to suck up as many mites and lice as possible then they used an environmentally friendly sanitizer. The gable vent in the attic was repaired to prevent birds from getting back in the attic. Not every wildlife control company in Howard County knows how to remove nesting materials from above ceilings without cutting down the entire ceiling. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control tries their best to minimize the expenses brought on by bird damages so they only make small openings when possible. Industrial strength vacuums are inserted into the small openings to suck out the nesting materials and bird feces. Bird proof vent covers were installed on all the bathroom, kitchen and dryer vents to prevent future bird problems. If you are looking for an experienced bird removal company in Howard County call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control at [DirectNumber]. They are the most trusted local provider for bird control services, deterrents, and cleanup in Howard County. Our professional staff will help you discover what option is best for your needs.

Don’t Shoot a Raccoon – Call Maryland Animal Removal

Don’t Shoot a Raccoon – Call Maryland Animal Removal

A Chambersburg, PA man was recently cited by the police for discharging a firearm in the Chambersburg borough. He was trying to shoot a raccoon living under the shed near his office building. This is only one of the many documented and undocumented cases of homeowners, property managers and random strangers trying to deal with nuisance wildlife with weapons or lethal traps. You should know that not only is this illegal in some cases, but it’s also for the most part ineffective and can even put you in danger. Our Maryland raccoon removal specialists are here to explain why.

Killing the Animal is Unnecessary

Let’s face it, no one has to die in a human-animal conflict, unless you are dealing with a raccoon that has rabies. Most animals can be safely captured and relocated, never to come back and bother you again. Yes, it may cost a bit more money than firing a bullet, but then you won’t be stuck with a dead animal under your deck or shed, which if left there can cause unpleasant odor and even infest your home with fleas.

Dead Animal Removal is Not Free

The state and county roadkill removal teams don’t remove dead wildlife from private properties. This means you would either have to hire a dead animal removal company or you would need to drag or drive the dead raccoon to plant it as roadkill. Either way, that’s an unpleasant undertaking that can be easily avoided.

Animals Can Get Aggressive

Don’t underestimate strength and viciousness of a raccoon, especially if it’s a mother protecting her nest. Raccoons generally don’t attack people and try to stay away from us, but they may also carry diseases that can make them aggressive. For example, rabies and canine distemper are fairly common in raccoons. A recent case in Largo, FL involved an elderly man who simply stomped at two raccoons crossing a street, which was enough to provoke one of the animals (possibly carrying a baby on its back) to attack. The man ended up with 19 stitches from a raccoon bite and a broken bone from the fall.

There are Laws for Discharging Firearms

Discharging any kind of firearm within the city limits is typically illegal outside of a few exceptions. Outside of the city, you are typically allowed to fire a weapon on your property, as long as it’s not automatic. If you are not very experienced with guns, you risk injuring the animal and causing it a slow and painful death.

Killing Rarely Solves the Problem

People hire us not just because we remove nuisance wildlife from their property, but also because we clean up, repair damage and take measures to prevent future problems. Shooting a poor raccoon under your shed does none of that. There is still a hole you need to fill in, maybe boards to replace, and there is no guarantee more raccoons won’t come in its place. This is one of the reasons you may want to leave wildlife removal to a professional instead of settling a personal vendetta. We have studied these animals for years, we know their habits and lifestyle, and we can leave you with a clean consciousness and a peace of mind. Give us a call today for raccoon removal or other animal removal in Howard County, Montgomery County and throughout Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region.