How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Attic

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Attic

As summer rolls on, you may be hearing skittering from the attic. You may be afraid to go up there or worried about what you’ll find. Unfortunately, mice in your attic can put a damper on many peoples’ summer fun. When small animals gather around the winter clothes you’ve stored in your attic or storage area, you may find that you need to throw most of it away. This action can be irritating at best and cause financial struggles in the worst cases. However, with attic pest prevention, we can give you the tools to keep your home free of these annoying creatures.

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Do You Have Pests in Your Attic?

One of the first signs that you have mice in your attic is hearing the skittering of their claws in your ceiling. You may also hear the occasional squeak. These sounds will often occur at night when they are most active. In such cases, the next logical step is to go up and have a look around.

You most likely use your attic for storage, meaning that you rarely go up there. This action gives mice a quiet, private place to make their nests. When you go up to the attic to see if they are nesting up there, look for the normal indicators of an infestation, such as:

  • Mouse droppings
  • Mice urine stains
  • Signs of gnawing
  • Mouse hair
  • Mouse nests

If you see these signs, don’t touch them. Instead, go back downstairs and contact the experts at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control.

Preventing Pests in the Attic

There are many things that you can do to prevent mice and other pests from getting into your attic. For instance:

Seal Holes Leading Into Your House

This step may seem like a no-brainer, but mice can fit into very small holes, even those as small as a quarter inch. If they get into your house, they will quickly reproduce, leaving you with a full-blown infestation. As a result, it’s vital to seal up any penetrations through your walls, such as pipes, cables, and vents.

Trim Your Trees and Bushes

Another important step when attempting attic pest control is to make sure that your trees and shrubbery are far away from your home. Mice can climb nearly anything and make jumps up to about a foot. As a result, they can easily sneak into your home with the help of your overgrown greenery. It’s therefore vital to trim your trees and bushes so that they’re at least a food away from your home. It would help if you also got rid of any excess shrubbery and debris, such as woodpiles, as these can provide mice shelter.

Get Professional Help to Assist With Existing Pests

If you have pests in your attic, getting rid of them is probably your top priority. Contact the experts at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control today for humane rodent and other pest removal services.

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