What Are the Benefits of Bat Removal?

What Are the Benefits of Bat Removal?

Do you hear loud noises in your attic? Do you see bats in your backyard? If yes, it’s safe to say you have a bat problem. As we see bats mostly in horror films, it can be frightening to perform amateur bat removal. Your best bet to get rid of your bat problem is to have a professional perform humane bat removal services for you. Bats, like any other nuisance wildlife, can cause major damage to your home, and the repair cost can be hefty. With a diligent home inspection, a professional bat removal technician can identify exactly where bats are trespassing and making a home on your property. Based on where the bats are located, a professional bat removal technician can offer you bat removal solutions in a written report and begin bat removal service that will prevent reoccurring bat problems.

Why is Humane Bat Removal my Best Option?

The reason you should hire a professional wildlife technician to perform humane bat removal for you is based on the variety of benefits bats can offer you. Bats are not vicious creatures; they are friendly and very beneficial to humans. For one, bats can help you reduce any problems you face with mosquitoes when the warm months of summer return. In other words, you can enjoy more time outdoors because there won’t be loads of pesky insects in your backyard (female brown bats can consume their body weight in insects every summer night). And you will be happy to know that the majority of bats do not feed on blood.

Only three bat species are blood feeders and they live only in Central America and South America. As for hibernation sites, bats prefer attics, walls, tunnels, and trees. If your home has high humidity levels, you can expect bats will pay you a visit to prevent dehydration.

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife is here to handle your bat removal to protect your home property from structural damage and give you peace of mind that your home is truly bat proofed. We will remove bat feces from your home, outs bats from your attic, and perform other essential professional bat control services. Our wildlife control technicians are fully trained to use the latest techniques for bat removal services. Here are just a few humane bat removal services we can offer you:

  • Live trapping and removal service
  • Exclusion services
  • Attic cleanups

Contact Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control Today

We handle bat removal for bat migrating species as well as bat hibernating species. You can count on Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to serve as your humane nuisance wildlife control company. Our bat removal services will prevent property damage, protect you from disease and save you money. Give our wildlife control technicians a call to have any questions answered about wildlife control solutions. We also provide removal services for:

We humanely resolve wildlife dilemmas, no matter how big or small. Let us keep wildlife out of your sight and mind. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is here to protect you from invasive wildlife. Our company is fully insured and licensed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Delaware Fish & Game and Virginia Fish & Game. Call us for wildlife control services. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter as well. For more information about our wildlife control services, contact us at [Direct] or go to our contact us page.

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A Better Way to Solve Your Bat Problem

A Better Way to Solve Your Bat Problem

Many people get scared, scream and sometimes even panic when they see bats coming out of their attic. Indeed, this can be an unsettling spectacle. However, picking up a tennis racket or a BB gun and starting to shoot or smack the bats down is not the way to go. At Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, we always advocate for humane and safe animal removal, especially when it comes to bats. And here is why we do this and how you should solve your bat problem.

Bats Are Good to Have Around

Do you enjoy spending summer evenings and nights outside? Would you like to continue doing this without becoming a meal for mosquitoes? Bats can help. They eat thousands of insects every night they fly out to feed. It’s truly incredible how many insects they can consume in one night—anywhere from 6,000 to 8,000 for a single bat! Bats are also natural insecticides for crops grown both commercially and residentially. Farmers love having bats around as they help keep the pest insects at bay.

Bats Are a Protected Species

All 10 species of bats that call Maryland home are protected by the Maryland law. This means you are not allowed to harm or remove bats unless you’ve been licensed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. In fact, in the most recent 10-year action plan draft for wildlife conservation in Maryland, all local bat species are listed as in need of protection. Many bats are dying on their own because of the deadly white nose syndrome rampant throughout the East Cost and the mid-Atlantic region. Conservation of bats is in everyone’s best interest, even if they took up a residence in your attic. So how should you approach bat removal then? We recommend bat exclusion.

What is Bat Exclusion?

Rather than physically removing bats from your attic, our Maryland technicians prefer to allow the bats to exit on their own. They fly out to feed every night anyway, so why not use this natural habit? We use special exclusion devises that attach to the bat entrance points. These devices are designed to allow the bats to exit but not return. When a bat tries to enter your attic after returning from its feeding frenzy, it simply can’t find the way to do it and is eventually forced to leave. However, there are rules regarding bat exclusion and it should only be done during certain times of year. When bats have babies, these little bats can’t fly for a few weeks. Flightless bats won’t exit the attic with the rest of the colony, and you risk sealing them in if you are not careful. That’s why it pays to hire a professional for a smooth and stress-free bat exclusion both for you and the bats. If you want to keep the bats around but not inside your home, consider installing bat boxes or bat houses. These are low-profile wooden structures that provide plenty of room for bats to roost during the day. Contact us today for professional bat removal in Maryland!

How Do You Get Bats Out of the Attic?

How Do You Get Bats Out of the Attic?

With all due respect for everything bats do for the environment and ecosystem, they are not the best neighbors. When a colony of bats moves into your attic, they can cause thousands of dollars in property damage, as well as expose you to potentially deadly diseases, such as rabies and histoplasmosis. But you can’t simply ask them to leave. And just the thought of entering an attic where dozens (maybe even hundreds) of bats hang upside down is somewhat nerve-wrecking. As Maryland bat removal experts, we get a lot of calls about bat problems in Edgewater, Glen Burnie, Annapolis and many other areas. We don’t recommend homeowners tackling bat problems on their own, simply due to the associated health risks. But if you want to know how we do it, here is a brief overview of how to get rid of bats in your attic.

The Concept of Bat Exclusion

It would be nice if you could put up an eviction notice in your attic and wait till the bats comply. But we have the next best thing that is called bat exclusion. The idea behind bat exclusion is to let the bats leave the attic on their own but prevent them from returning. This is achieved by installing one-way devices, such as mesh netting and bat valves, on the entry and exit points used by bats (typically gable vents and holes along the roof line.)

Why Bat Exclusion is Our Preferred Method

  • It works every time
  • It allows to get rid of the bats without hurting them
  • It’s humane, effective and fast

It’s important to know that not all bats will leave at the same time. Some of them will fly out at night to hunt, while others, especially the younger generation, may stay in. For this reason, we avoid conducting bat exclusion during the times of year when bats have flightless young with them. They are helpless and will die by themselves if they are separated from the mother.

Bat-Proofing Your Attic

After a few nights, the majority of the bats should be gone from your attic. We always check to make sure every single bat is removed before sealing their entrance holes. Bats are small and can’t apply much force to make their own holes, but thanks to their size, they usually find plenty of opportunities to enter your attic through tiny gaps. To make sure the bats don’t return to your attic, our Maryland bat exclusion pros take care to identify and seal all current and potential gaps and holes, including but not limited to:

  • Gaps around window and door frames
  • Corners formed by siding
  • Flashing around the chimney and plumbing vents
  • Fascia boards and drip edge

After everything is sealed, our cleanup division can start removing bat droppings, damaged insulation and other contaminated items from your attic. This is one of the reasons Maryland homeowners choose Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control because, trust us, you don’t want to clean up this mess yourself!

Bat Houses

As we mentioned in the beginning of the article, bats are actually beneficial to have around, especially if you live near a body of water and have an insect problem. If you want to coexist with bats peacefully without allowing them to invade your attic, you could install bat houses on your property. There is no guarantee bats will use them, but this will give the evicted bats somewhere to go to instead of trying to enter your attic again or moving into your neighbor’s attic. Do you have any further questions about bat exclusion or want us to remove bats from your attic? Give our Maryland bat removal technicians a call today to get your bat problem solved!