Montgomery County Exterminator vs. Pest Control

Montgomery County Exterminator vs. Pest Control

If you are looking for wildlife removal in Montgomery County, you’ve probably seen quite a few ads for local pest control companies and exterminators. But do they provide the services you need? Sometimes you can guess this by the company name alone. Allow us to explain the difference!

What Exterminators Do

As the name suggests, exterminators are mostly in the business of killing house pests such as cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, fleas, termites, mice, rats and similar insects and rodents. These pests typically grow to rather large populations and need to be exterminated if you want them gone, as they won’t leave on their own. Montgomery County exterminators use a mix of pesticides, insecticides and traps to free your home of the unwanted pests. For the most part, if a company calls themselves an exterminator, it’s unlikely that they can help you with wildlife such as squirrels or raccoons, or at least this is not their specialty.

What Pest Control Companies Do

A pest control company is similar to an exterminator, but they may offer more services than just pest removal. Of course, it depends on the company, but many do much more than come to your home and spray poison or set traps. They may also either give you recommendations or help you modify your home to prevent future infestations. These companies may also help with pest animals other than the obvious mice, ants and cockroaches. They often deal with flies and gnats, bees, wasps, beetles and virtually any pest insect. Some even take care of wildlife such as bats and foxes, but it’s usually a smaller portion of their business.

What Wildlife Control Companies Do

If you are having problems with wildlife in Montgomery County or anywhere else in Maryland, your best bet is to hire a company that has animal control, wildlife control or wildlife removal in its name. This means that this company actually specializes in wildlife removal, which requires a different set of skills and is subject to different laws and regulations. Maryland wildlife removal companies have to be licensed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, which sets the rules for when and how certain types of wildlife can be disturbed.

The Humane Approach

If you share the concern for the well-being of the animals that will be removed from your home, it’s a good idea to check whether the company practices humane wildlife removal methods. The humane approach has to do with how safely the animals are handled when removed, which of course is the opposite of extermination. But it also concerns what happens to the evicted wildlife. Are they relocated to a new area where they can survive? Are they taken to wildlife rehabilitation facilities if they are too young to be on their own? Are they treated if they are injured? There is a lot that goes into humane wildlife removal, and you can rest assured that at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control we do this the right way! Want to learn more about our services or what makes us different from other Montgomery County pest control companies and exterminators? Give us a call or contact online today.