The Three Most Devastating Damages Wild Animals Can Cause to Your Home

A variety of pests and animals can wreak havoc on your home or business. Animals need homes too, and sometimes our houses and building structures can seem all too inviting to a wild animal looking for shelter or a place to build. In the world of Wildlife Control we’ve seen damage caused by bats, rats, possum, and even birds. Damage can range from mild to severe, and may even have a homeowner concerned with filing an insurance claim to fix the repairs. Here are our top three most devastating ways animals can destroy your home.

1. Chewing Wires and Fire

Rodents are known chewers. Rodents chew on almost anything because their teeth never stop growing, and chewing is necessary to keep their teeth short. When mice invade the home or squirrels overtake an attic they can find themselves searching for something to chew on. This can be anything in your home that isn’t metal, but too often becomes the wires in your walls or ceiling. Frayed electrical wiring can be expensive to have replaced, but more importantly can cause a fire. If you have a rodent infestation, you’ll want to contact your professional pest control team immediately.

2. Foundation Damage

Groundhogs are known for their large and extensive burrows and can sometimes have up to five entrances and up to 45 feet of tunnel. They prefer to build their burrows against structures that provide overhead stability. These burrows provide a huge risk to the integrity of a buildings foundation; water can seep in when a den becomes flooded. Burrows can also collapse and cause degradation to the foundation block costing thousands in damage.

3. Roof Damage

Raccoons are excellent climbers. It is no special feat for an adult raccoon to make its way to the top of your home in minutes. Raccoons are most often on a roof to find access to the attic. They can tear open eaves and even rip apart shingles in order to gain entry. Roofing repairs can become astronomical and an open hole in the roof can also cause leaks and water damage. To have a pest removed from your home or property, contact us now!