What are the Benefits of Humane Fox Removal?

Have you noticed more foxes are lurking your home property? What should you do about your fox problem? What are the benefits of humane fox removal? First, you need to know what type of fox has selected your home as a home. Grey and Red foxes can easily adapt to suburban and urban areas. Although you may be terrified that foxes are co-habitants, they can offer many great benefits to you such as keeping away rodents. However, foxes become a pest because they can damage property and exploit our food supply.

Red Foxes intrude on humans to increase their life span by protecting themselves more from disease and predators. The only time Red foxes are truly dangerous to people is when foxes are rabid. Also, Red foxes will only bite if they are defending themselves from being roughly handled or captured. But, often foxes will flee to protect themselves rather than harm a human.

If you have small pets like kittens, rabbits, chickens, or guinea pigs, you should get your fox problem handled immediately. Red foxes prey on these small animals. In these cases, humane solutions are possible, even when you’re dealing with bold foxes that sit and watch people.

Signs of Foxes

You should immediately call a wildlife control company anytime you notice these symptoms in foxes:

  • Limbs are semi-paralyzed
  • Foxes are circling
  • Foxes have a drunken stagger
  • There are signs of self-mutilation
  • Foxes are unprovoked but very aggressive
  • Foxes appear to be tamed

These are all signs that your foxes are rabid. In fact, foxes can be carriers of a variety of rabies and they also carry echinococcosis tapeworms (a fatal disease for humans). There are ways to humanely frighten foxes with loud noise devices, lights, and humane traps. Humane fox deterrence is the best solution because it’s better to have a permanent solution to keep the foxes away rather than a temporary solution. Killing foxes will not solve the problem. Foxes will never overpopulate; foxes only breed when they need to make replacements for loss of life. What are the benefits of humane fox removal? With humane fox removal, you will save money while providing yourself with an effective solution.

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