Spring can be a beautiful time of year, but it is also the time when lots of insects and wildlife awaken from hibernation. It seems like every creature, big and small, is looking for a spot in or around your home where they can safely start a family. Spring is a good time for pest control to make sure you deal with an infestation on early stages. But finding and hiring a good Maryland pest control company can be a problem in itself. Not sure how to make this important decision? Check out these tips from our Maryland pest animal control experts.

Verify That They Can Solve Your Problem

Of course, it’s hard to say how successful your pest removal company will be, but at least you can do your part to make sure they can help you. Pest control is a broad term that covers many different pests and many approaches to pest removal. For example, not all pest control companies deal with wildlife like raccoon and bat removal. Some may refuse to work in attics. Others will remove your pest but won’t clean up the area or repair the damage. The sales person you initially speak with may give you promises the field technicians can’t deliver. Make sure to describe your issue as detailed as possible and get at least a verbal confirmation that this pest control company has done these kind of jobs in the past. List everything you want done and have the company representative agree with every point.

Avoid Pushy Salesmen

If you immediately get bombarded with offers to sign up for a monthly or annual contract, maybe you should walk away from this company. A well-respected pest control company won’t try to upsell you at least until the job is done and they’ve proven their effectiveness. For certain types of issues like insect or rodent problems, a contract may indeed make sense. These pests may keep coming back year after year, so keeping an eye on them and controlling their populations can be useful. On the other hand, wildlife pests like squirrels, snakes or raccoon’s typically don’t require year-round management. After your home is animal-proofed once, it usually remains that way for a long time. If you have a commercial property that for some reason can’t be 100% secured from wildlife, then a contract may make sense for you to take the headache out of animal removal. Either way, if a contract is offered to you, ask your pest control company how they justify that it’s necessary.

Ask Them About Their Methods

If you care about humane or eco-friendly pest control, then be sure to speak to your pest control company about their methods. If their idea of ridding your attic of squirrels is to pump it full of toxic fumes, then you should probably look for another pest control service. At Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, we use many wildlife trapping and removal strategies, but we are proud to say that in most cases no animal is hurt in the process. Whenever necessary, we take the animals we’ve removed to a wildlife rehabilitator, so that they can be nursed to health and safely released back into the wild. If you follow these three tips, you have a great chance of hiring a Maryland pest control company that will do a good job the first time around. And your pests are of the furry animal kind, feel free to reach out to us!