What’s Wrong with a Squirrel Invasion?

When it comes to the critters you could find in your Howard County home, a squirrel may seem like the least threatening. However, a squirrel invasion that occurs in your home has the potential to have serious consequences. While a squirrel may seem like a harmless animal, a squirrel invasion could leave your Howard County home in shambles.

Squirrels may appear to be small and cute creatures, but they can pack a powerful punch once they are loose in your home. Squirrels who find themselves in your attic can cause damage to your roof and siding. The constant activity from the animals will damage your roofing and siding materials, making it difficult to replace later on. The opening created by the squirrel invasion will leave your attic vulnerable to water damage if left unnoticed. As squirrels continue to live in your attic, you run the risk of the animals finding wires within your attic. Once the squirrels begin to chew on your wires, your Howard County home is left vulnerable to fires as well. Squirrels that are left loose in your home’s basement can cause damage to your property as well as the foundation of your home. Squirrel droppings will accumulate to create a hazardous health situation for your family and pets. Squirrels could chew through wiring found in your basement, as well as chew through other important items you may have stored in your basement. If you find your Howard County home falling victim to a squirrel invasion, call the experts at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control. Our technicians are able to humanely remove the animals from your home while also helping to clean the damage caused by the squirrel invasion. To get started with Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control for removal and control services for a squirrel invasion, call us today at 443-417-3137 or visit our online contact page. We are available, so never hesitate to call. We are also available on weekends and holidays as well. Follow Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control today on Google+PinterestTwitter, and Facebook