Why Are Raccoons Getting Into Timonium Homes?

Over the past 30 years, Timonium has had a large increase in new housing developments being built. Other development has been on the rise as well which pushes many species of wildlife closer to humans. Raccoons have actually thrived living in close proximity to humans.  

Why Do Raccoons Get Into Residential Homes? 

In the past raccoons have found shelter in hollow trees and rocky out coves however human development has provided them with a whole new set of options like attics and chimneys. The attic spaces and chimneys of residential homes throughout the Timonium area have taken the place of rocky out coves and hollow trees as raccoon’s favorite shelter. 

Attics and chimneys provide safety from predators and protection from the weather. This combination attracts females that are looking for a safe place to have their babies. Male raccoons will often gather in groups of up to ten in colder winter months.  

How Do Raccoons Get In?

A raccoon’s strength and athleticism gives them the ability to climb straight up the outside of homes with a brick, stone, stucco, vinyl, or wooden exterior. At this time of the year, it is common for female raccoons to enter attics and chimney flues that are unprotected from invasive wildlife. They enter attics by pushing in soffits, ripping a hole in the gable vent, and in some cases even ripping a hole straight through the roof. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Raccoons Living In My Attic Or Chimney?

Raccoons are a wild animal and their eviction may be more than the average homeowner can handle. Our raccoon trapping experts can evict or trap the raccoons living in your attic or chimney. Once the raccoons are gone we can repair any damages caused by the raccoons entering the attic or chimney. 

Raccoons can cause disruption in other parts of your property as well. Some Timonium area homeowners contact us because they have raccoons raiding their trash. Others contact us because the raccoons are pooping on their deck or in their pool. Our technicians will return your property back to a safe place by trapping the raccoons and cleaning up any raccoon droppings found in the attic, rooftop, or mulch bed. 

Who Do I Call For Raccoon Removal In Timonium? 

Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control is not an exterminator or pest control company. We have been Timonium Maryland’s leading experts for raccoon removal and trapping services for over 20 years. Our team has successfully performed every kind of humane animal control technique that exists. If you are in need of raccoon trapping services in Timonium MD. Call an expert today at 443-417-3137.