At Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, we often get calls from Maryland homeowners who tried to solve their raccoon problem on their own. As you can tell, they were unsuccessful—often repeatedly unsuccessful—but eventually they realized that they need professional Maryland raccoon removal help. While we are always happy to assist, we’d much rather save you the trouble of spending weeks trying to get those raccoons out of your attic or from under your deck. The truth is, when it comes to raccoons, it’s unlikely that you can simply scare them away, and here is why.

Raccoons Are Smart Among all other Maryland wildlife most likely to invade your home, raccoons are probably the smartest. They have wonderfully adapted to the urban environment, both in terms of finding food and avoiding being caught. The above video shows a raccoon that instinctively knows not to enter the cage, even though it contains food. Watch how he reaches the bait from the side, fooling the homeowner.

Raccoons Know Where to Find Food One of the reasons raccoons may be attracted to your home is because you have food. This could be trash cans filled with spoiled leftovers, a bag of dog food sitting on the porch, or even your pet’s food dish in the kitchen. Raccoons are omnivores and have a great sense of smell. They may act scared when you shoo them away, but they will keep coming back unless you take serious measures.

Raccoons Are Excellent Climbers If you think your home is safe from raccoons, you are wrong. Just because you have brick walls, new roof or slick siding, doesn’t mean raccoons can’t find a way in. Take a look at this video explaining how a raccoon climbed a brick wall and entered the attic though a light fixture he pulled out of the soffit. If that’s not a proof of this animal’s amazing skills, we don’t know what is!

Raccoons Are Very Strong For their small size, raccoons are extremely strong. They also possess fantastic dexterity for an animal that doesn’t have opposable thumbs. When they are really determined, raccoons are capable of ripping off shingles, loose boards, pieces of flashing and whatever else is in the way between them and food or shelter. In this video, you can see how a raccoon trapped in a garage not only ignores the cage, but also manages to open the garage door from the inside!

There is No “One Easy Trick” If you have a raccoon problem, you have probably searched online for a quick and easy solution. The thing is, there is no quick and easy solution to get rid of raccoons. You might have read about using ammonia, loud noises, scare devices, sonic fences, dish soap and cayenne pepper, etc. They may work initially, but soon raccoons learn how to avoid, disable or ignore them. If you want a long-term solution, your best bet is hiring a professional Maryland raccoon removal company. We will come out right away, assess your problem, capture and relocate raccoons, repair any damage they caused, and help you prevent any future issues. Remember that raccoons are after something, whether it’s tasty grubs in your yard or the warmth of your attic. In many cases, we are able to help you modify the environment, so that it is less attractive to raccoons. Call us if you have any questions or need help removing raccoons from your Maryland property.