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Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control covers all of your nuisance animal removal needs in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, DC. Our methods are fast, effective and humane—feel free to contact us with any questions!

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Animal Control Company in Maryland

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control

If you are looking for fast and humane animal removal control solutions in Maryland, you’ve come to the right place.

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is dedicated to helping our clients reclaim their property from nuisance wildlife while making the experience as stress-free as possible for both you and the animal. Whether you’re looking for squirrel removal in Gaithersburg, or Bethesda raccoon removal, we can help. We specialize in the removal of squirrels, bats, birds, raccoons, snakes and other animals from attics, walls, chimneys, roofs, and other structures.

Besides our humane approach, what makes us different is our fast response time and the comprehensive service we provide. Our trained wildlife control technicians don’t just capture the intruding animal—they will repair the damage, clean up the nesting site and install exclusion barriers to prevent future problems with nuisance wildlife.

Animal Control Company in Maryland

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Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control

Nuisance Wildlife Removal 
Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is fully insured and licensed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Pennsylvania Game Commission, Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife, and Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fishers. We respond quickly to your animal control needs and offer our services in the following locations and more:

We are familiar with and follow all local laws and regulations in regard to protected and endangered animal species.

If you don’t know what species you are dealing with, we encourage you to call us before taking any measures against the intruder.

What People Say About Us


I wanted to thank the whole team at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control for doing such a great job at my home for a Squirrel problem that no one else could fix. The technician Joe who came out removed the Squirrels and sealed all the entry points to keep out any future critters from getting back in. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for pest control services.

Tomika Jones

Very knowledgeable, I had a good experience. They arrived exactly on time, walked me through the process and educated me on why I had squirrel and bird issues and what to do about them. They guaranteed their work, and visited for a followup a week later.

Doug Anderson

I hired this company to take care of Flying Squirrels in my attic of my home in Bethesda. They did a great job and my family was very happy with the service they promised. I would highly recommend their services.

Sherry Winters

Excellent customer service from John. Very knowledgeable and friendly, was not in a rush to give a pushy sales pitch. Offered very helpful tips. I will be using this service on my large commercial property in the future. It’s a good feeling when you find an honest, polite and knowledgeable representative such as I did today. Thank you so much!!

The Saw

We’ve used Midatlantic several times over the years. John the owner is always responsive, professional and very knowledgeable about the issue whether it’s been mice, moles or bats. I would highly recommend the company.

John Morath

“Thanks to your technician’s (Danny and Shane) my home is now back to being free of that awful dead animal smell that haunted my family for the past five days. During the inspection the technicians discovered that gray squirrels in my attic ate the mouse poison my exterminator put out. Two of the squirrels died after they ate the poison and fell in the wall of my bedroom. Your technicians were able to remove the dead squirrels by cutting a small hole in the wall. Wonderful job! Great company!”

Susan German, Annapolis, MD

“Your company is great! I am so glad I called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to resolve the opossum problem that’s in the crawl space under my home. John was the worker your company sent to me and he is brilliant! He was able to trap the opossum within 8 hours after setting up the traps. Thank you!”

Amanda Strauss, Rockville, MD

“The technician that you sent to my house did a thrall inspection and discovered that it was a fox living under my deck and not a groundhog. He also set humane traps and caught the fox that night. Wonderful job! Now I can let my toy poodle out in the yard to do his business. Thank you.”

William Snow, Bethesda, MD

“Thank you for removing the groundhogs that caused my front steps to collapse. Your crew was professional, courteous and they did a great job rebuilding my steps, they look great!”

Mrs. Janice Johnston, Germantown, MD

“Thank you John for removing the birds from my dryer vent and cleaning the entire nest out too. I have not had any more problems since you installed the bird proof dryer vent. Great job done by a great company.”

Jim North, Columbia, MD

“I was sitting in my kitchen enjoying a fresh cup of coffee when I saw a two foot long snake crawled across the floor. I called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control and they had an employee at my house within an hour. The employee removed the snake and did an inspection of my home to find the hole where the snake got in. He found a few areas where the snake could have got in and he sealed them up so I would not have another snake problem. I just wanted to say thank you to the staff at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control for their quick response time and their compassion for my fear toward snakes. This is a GREAT company and I will surely call them again if I ever have another snake or animal problem.”

Mary Beikirch, Chevy Chase, MD

“I had two companies inspect my home for a bat problem. The first company (which I will not name) told me that I had about 200 bats living in my attic which is major bat problem and it was going to cost me $5,200 to get the bats out and keep them out and all the insulation in my attic needed to be replaced with new insulation. I called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control for a second opinion. After the technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control completed the inspection on my home he told me that I had a about 25 bats living in the attic which was a minor bat problem and I did not need to have all the insulation in my attic replaced in fact he removed a two foot by two foot area of the insulation because that is the only area where the bat poop was found. In the end I used Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control because they were very informative and honest unlike the first company I had do the inspection. They only charged me $975 to get the bats out and keep them out and cleanup the bat poop. It’s hard for a single women to hire a contractor because so many are not honest and I really don’t know anything about repairs so I am truly grateful for the honesty this company gave me and I would recommend Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to anybody that has a bat problem.”

Zedrea Domski, Annapolis, MD

“Flying squirrels were keeping my family awake every night for a week straight until your company removed them from the attic. Your company trapped the squirrels and repaired the holes. The squirrels are gone and it’s back to quiet. The damage is repaired and looks great. I will recommend your company to coworkers, friends and family.”

Jeffrey Compton, Mt. Airy, MD

“We have had virtually no problems with squirrels for the past year since Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control trapped the squirrels that ripped up our fascia board and where living in our attic. We are very pleased with the repair work that Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control did. We would highly recommend this company. Thanks for doing such a great job!”

Edward Barns, Potomac, MD

“My husband and I started to smell a musky animal urine type odor in the upstairs of our home and since we have no pets we were a little confused at what the odor was or where is it coming from. My husband pocked his head in the attic hatch door only to see that the attic smelled awful and it looked like a giant litter box. At that point we realized that some kind of animal was living in our attic. We knew we needed professional help and that is exactly what we got after I contacted Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control. The gentleman that answers the phone (John) was so informative and helpful. A technician arrived that afternoon to inspect our home and told us that we have a mother raccoon and three of her babies living in our attic. He also told us that they have been living up there for several months (which my husband agreed with because he saw the amount of feces that was in the attic). The technician was very polite and took his time to explain everything. The technician also took photos of all the damage so we could see it for ourselves and so the photos could be e-mailed to our homeowner’s insurance company. The raccoons were gone the very next day and the technicians came back and repaired the holes where the raccoons were getting into the attic. Since the hole that the raccoons made to access the attic were in an area that couldn’t be seen from the ground the technician also took photos of all the repairs he had made so we could see for ourselves. I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone.”

Samantha Reich, Silver Spring, MD

“Even though nothing will bring back my Jack Russell terrier I am truly grateful that you were able to trap the coyotes that killed her. My neighbors and I feel safe now that the coyotes are gone and we owe our thanks to Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control.”

Xylena Depetro, Ellicott City, MD

“On behalf of the community association I would to say thank you to the hard working and knowledgeable staff at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control for removing the beaver that destroyed all of our new trees that were planted two months ago.”

Tim McElroy, Anne Arundel County, MD

“I have spent an obscene amount of money on exterminators who have failed to resolve my mouse infestation. I have had three different pest control companies come to my home and put out poisons which clearly are not a long term solution to a rodent problem. I contacted Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control six months ago and hired them to get rid of the mouse problem in my home and I have not seen or heard and mouse since then. I wish I would have hired Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control in the first place so I could have saved a lot of money. I would recommend Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to any homeowner that has a rodent problem.”

Sophia Belladonna, Silver Spring, MD

We are happy to have helped so many homeowners with their nuisance wildlife problems. You can read their testimonials below.

“Thank you guys for a job well done.

Samantha spent several minutes educating me on Bats (yuck) and the process of them entering and exiting our home. She was professional, informative and very patient. John was awesome and assured us that ours was a very simple fix. Your guys came out today and in less than an hour secured our few problem areas.
We appreciate the education and top notch service and don’t take this personally but…we hope to NEVER need your services again!”

Bonnie Rubin

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control

Expert in Wildlife Removal

We are committed to educating our customers about the particular animal they came in contact with. When you know what it is and why it made a home in your house, you can take further steps to discourage other members of this species from becoming a nuisance in the future. Simple steps like keeping pet food indoors or investing in more secure trash containers can make a big difference in deterring opportunistic scavengers.

At the end, our goal is to keep both you and wildlife safe but separate. Thanks to our experienced and knowledgeable team, we are able to provide wildlife control solutions fast and effectively. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control

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Our technicians can identify all local pest wildlife species and choose the best removal method based on the animal’s lifestyle.

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We will repair the damage, seal entry points, and offer you advice on keeping the wildlife away from your home for good.