We’ve used Midatlantic several times over the years. John the owner is always responsive, professional and very knowledgeable about the issue whether it’s been mice, moles or bats. I would highly recommend the company.

John Morath

Excellent customer service from John. Very knowledgeable and friendly, was not in a rush to give a pushy sales pitch. Offered very helpful tips. I will be using this service on my large commercial property in the future. It’s a good feeling when you find an honest, polite and knowledgeable representative such as I did today. Thank you so much!!

The Saw

I can’t thank John enough for his quick response to my parents home where they had a huge squirrel infestation in Abingdon Md. The trapper who came out was very knowledgeable and very helpful in explaining why the Squirrels were in the attic crawlspace at this time. My wife contacted another Bel Air pest control company who came out to look but they didn’t even have a tall enough ladder to reach the roof. Mid Atlantic Wildlife had everything on one truck and they even fixed the attic crawlspace vents where the Squirrels had chewed in to make nests. John had Joe and Rich secure the house so nothing else could get inside our attic crawlspace or walls of the house. I can only say that John lived up to his reputation as a honest straight guy who didn’t try to upsell me additional services. I called a pest control company in Abingdon Md who wanted to sell me insulation and that had nothing to do with our Squirrel problem. John looked and said that was scare tactics and we didn’t need him to do that as the attic was spotless. Mid Atlantic Wildlife was honest and fair and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing their help.

Troy Jackson

I just wanted to say thank you to your whole company and all the people there on your team this was by far the best experience I’ve had with a service provider and years I can’t sing the Praises of your technicians High Enough. I had this company come out to my home in Potomac Maryland my wife and I were on vacation in Europe for a week when we came home we found out there were raccoons in our attic who have done extensive damage after calling for different pest control companies they all refer me to the same company Mid-Atlantic wildlife control and asked me to speak to John the owner. I couldn’t believe it when I called 8 at night to leave a message for them to call me the next day and the owner picked up the phone and actually spent an hour with me on the phone explaining the whole process and reassuring me that they could take care of whatever the problem was. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control sent out two of their Wildlife Trappers the very next morning who set up these raccoon exit doors all around my home around the roof to remove the raccoons so that they wouldn’t be harmed and they would just leave on their own and that made my wife and my daughter very happy that the raccoons would be reunited with their siblings would not have to be harmed in any way. After a week they sent out their seal up crew which removed the one-way doors and sealed up my home and did a fantastic job we’ve been raccoon free no more problems and I really wanted to post this review to say thank you to the two young men that came out they were so courteous and kind they made sure they had boot covers on once they were done with the whole project they walk me around showed me everything they did and they even showed me how they made sure they’re all the trash and debris in the yard have been cleaned up in the insulation the raccoon pulled out was laying on the ground Dave and clean that up for me as well I must say this is without doubt the most professional Pest Control Service Company I’ve ever used and I will highly recommend you to all my friends and neighbors thank you.

Virgil Tibbs

I had bird “behind drywall” problem, John and Joe worked with me in resolving this issue. John the boss man was very helpful and in constant communication with updates of my situation. His employee Joe came promptly, handled the situation in short time and along the way filled me in on every detail of my situation. Clean up was neat and I was left problem free. Hopefully that’s the last time I’ll have the issue. Wasn’t as costly as I expected. Thanks guys, will recommend.

Shaun Lucky

I hired this company to take care of Flying Squirrels in my attic of my home in Bethesda. They did a great job and my family was very happy with the service they promised. I would highly recommend their services.

Sherry Winters

I wanted to say Thank you to the whole team at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control for taking care of the Flying Squirrels in my homes attic. My husband and I met with the owner John who came out and inspected our home after 2 Pest control companies couldn’t resolve the Squirrels constantly running around in the ceilings and keeping us up all night. They were able to have a crew come out that day to seal up the roof and trap the critters. It was such a relief to have a company do what they said they would do the first time without having to ask them. I was so gratefull for them resolving this in a timely manner after dealing with other companies that promised results but didn’t deliver on results. I would highly recommend Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control and their team for anybody who needs pest control services. Thank you again for a job well done.

Cynthia Kramer

I just wanted to reach out and thank the whole team of Mid-Atlantic wildlife control for just such an excellent job they did at my home I had a huge problem with squirrels and snakes they sent out their team that actually been to another home that I owned in another part of the state so I wanted to give them a try at my vacation home and they exceeded All my expectations they were absolutely outstanding Joe and fog came out my home assessed the problem Drew up a plan of what needed to be done and once they did that I realized what needed to be done explain everything very thoroughly get to work the same day and I’ve been quitte free ever since so I just want to thank them for a job well done and I would highly recommend them for any of your pest or Wildlife Control problems 13 was absolutely outstanding.

Sophia McClair

Very knowledgeable, I had a good experience. They arrived exactly on time, walked me through the process and educated me on why I had squirrel and bird issues and what to do about them. They guaranteed their work, and visited for a followup a week later.

Doug Anderson

I wanted to thank the whole team at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control for doing such a great job at my home for a Squirrel problem that no one else could fix. The technician Joe who came out removed the Squirrels and sealed all the entry points to keep out any future critters from getting back in. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for pest control services.

Tomika Jones

Joe and Shane serviced me in Harford County because of noise I heard in my attic. Unsure of what it was, but they checked my attic on January 4th, found mouse droppings up there, baited the attic, and I had the best sleep since then (no noises). Then they returned on January 8th to seal holes on the outside of my house, added outdoor traps, and rechecked my attic before leaving. BEST SERVICE/AWESOME SERVICE. The manager, Joe, informed me that they will come back in a month to recheck everything and add new bait. EXTREMELY SATISFIED CUSTOMER. I received outstanding customer service. Thanks Joe and Shane. Debbie in Harford County.

Deborah Henry

This is the only wildlife control company I will ever use or suggest to my friends and family. Their knowledge is far superior. Their customer service is A+. Overwhelmingly grateful for this man! Another company lied to my face regarding a bat situation. I almost let another company illegally remediate chimney BIRDS that are protected! Thankfully I called Mid Atlantic Wildlife. Learned my lesson! *you may see this same post elsewhere on social media and that is because I am diligently spreading the word about this company! Couldn’t be more grateful for the experience and help. Totally scary that I almost let another company do something horrible to those birds thinking they were bats ruining my chimneys 🙁

Lauren F

I can’t say enough good things about John & Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control. I had a problem with another contractor coming into my attic for a suspected raccoon problem and telling me that the raccoon did $3,900 worth of damage (check my other reviews for the entire story). I called John for a second opinion and I knew immediately that he was an honest, reputable businessman. He offered to come out and take a look at our situation. It turned out the previous contractor had capitalized on the fact that we were women and terrified of this supposed monster in our attic (and, thus, not going to go look for ourselves), because there was very little damage and certainly not $3,900 worth of work. In fact, there wasn’t even a raccoon up there! While he said there isn’t even enough work that needs to be done in the attic to justify us hiring him, I’ll be calling John and Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control next week to come completely seal off the raccoon’s access point to my attic so we have total peace of mind. It’s so hard to find a contractor you can trust these days that won’t take advantage of you– but look no further, John is your guy. (And as another example of him going above and beyond the call of duty, I asked him whether or not insurance usually pays for these things… he asked who our insurer was… and he proceeded to read off to me literally word for word what was written in our policy. He knows his stuff.)

Katelyn H

If you need a fast & knowledgeable humane animal control remedy, you must contact Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control! From the onset of my initial call to them, I could tell that this is a company deeply dedicated to both the homeowner and the animals in its procedures, knowledge, and approach to capture, prevention, repair and clean up. My experience with Mid-Atlantic was perfection! Yes PERFECTION! I’m a lawyer so yes I know it’s a lost art, but when I tell you that John and his team OVER delivered its honestly a huge understatement. The company came out to my home about 24 hours after my call, strategically set the traps, assessed possible and actual entry ways and holes that squirrels may have been getting into the attic. They also gave me an estimate on the work needed on the outside, insulation, wood damage etc, and patiently discussed the full trapping process with me. They detailed it in a way that I could fully understand. I was a bit nervous but John made me feel completely comfortable. They have comprehensive solutions to your wildlife challenges. They are fully insured and seem to have a ton of connections in Maryland. They even helped with an ancillary issue I was having. The squirrels are gone, and I am now back to having peaceful enjoyment of my home. Thanks Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control! You truly raised the bar! You’re the new golden standard!

Juli J

A fantastic full-service job–highly recommended! When my porch overhang was infested with squirrels, they arrived quickly, were very efficient and humane setting up their traps, and returned as scheduled for trap removal as well as to apply material preventing further infestations. Very happy with the result.

Charlie H

Anyone struggling with birds building nests behind their shutters or anywhere undesirable I highly recommend Mid Atlantic Wildlife Services they came out today and not only removed all the nests and debris but also installed metal between the shutters and the stone that they carefully cut and painted to match the shutters to fit all for a very affordable price. The guys were very professional and meticulous. I know from neighbors too that they do it all for Wildlife control. I would highly recommend them for anything Wildlife related! John is awesome!

Carolyn S

I had a raccoon trapped in my attic. He got in and I did such a good job sealing the hole, he couldn’t get out.

I called Mid-Atlantic last night and they came today. Called me with an hours notice and were on time. The 2 gentlemen wiped their feet before coming in and were very professional.

They captured the raccoon within 2 minutes and had it out of my house a minute later.

Highly professional and effective.

John S

MAWC was awesome, with their quick and targeted help. I called on a Tuesday morning, John answered the phone and talked me through the problem I was reporting. Joe came out Tuesday afternoon, and assessed the situation. To address the snake issue, they outlined a plan to seal up the house where needed, and came out 2 days later to do the work. Very quick, and very professional.

Alison K

My inital experience with this company wasn’t the best, but managment addressed all my concerns and I can honestly say, i am a satisfied customer.

Carl B