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Squirrel Damage To Your Home and How To Control It

Squirrel Removal
squirrel on the roof
As cute as squirrels are, they can be a nuisance to many homeowners. Squirrel damage includes eating plants, leaving droppings, tearing holes through homes, and nibbling on wires and insulation which results in a fire risk. Squirrels are so common in some areas that they have become an issue of…

Animal & Wildlife Removal in Chevy Chase, MD

The team of wildlife experts at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is dedicated to keeping humans and animals safe with our comprehensive (and humane) approach to wildlife control for our customers in Chevy Chase. We offer an all-inclusive range of professional wildlife removal and animal repellant services for residential and commercial properties in Chevy Chase. It’s important to…

Rockville Wildlife Control Services: Snake Removal in Rockville MD

Do you have a snake problem at your home or commercial property? It’s time to have that problem handled because that snake in your background or commercial parking lot could be a venomous snake. It is now April and April showers bring may flowers, snakes and snake bites. Every year…

Best Way To Go About Dead Animal Removal

Animal Removal
One of the first things that a person learns in biology class is that everything, from the smallest mouse to the largest deer has to die at some point. Each organism is part of the grand circle of life and keeps the ecosystem in relative balance. Unfortunately, from time to…

3 Useful Animal Control Resources in Maryland

When people come across animals in the wild, the experience usually leaves them feeling excited and full of wonder. However, being face-to-snout with creatures such as deer, foxes, or raccoons can also pose problems. As such, it’s essential to know about the animal control resources available to Maryland residents. At Mid-Atlantic…