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Why Are Raccoons Getting Into Timonium Homes?

Animal Removal, Raccoon Removal
Over the past 30 years, Timonium has had a large increase in new housing developments being built. Other development has been on the rise as well which pushes many species of wildlife closer to humans. Raccoons have actually thrived living in close proximity to humans.   Why Do Raccoons Get Into…

What to Do If You Have Raccoons in Your Attic

Animal Removal
During the spring, especially, animals take shelter in warm dry areas like attics to give birth to their young. If you believe that you have a raccoon living in your attic, it is best to consult a wildlife control expert.  Damage Raccoons Can Cause in Your Attic Raccoons are foragers…

Squirrel Damage To Your Home and How To Control It

Squirrel Removal
squirrel on the roof
As cute as squirrels are, they can be a nuisance to many homeowners. Squirrel damage includes eating plants, leaving droppings, tearing holes through homes, and nibbling on wires and insulation which results in a fire risk. Squirrels are so common in some areas that they have become an issue of…