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With their rat-like appearance, hissing and a mouth full of sharp teeth, opossums can be scary-looking. They are not as dangerous and aggressive as they appear, but this doesn’t make them a pleasant neighbor to have living in your attic or under your porch. Opossums can cause hundreds of dollars in damage to your property, as well as carry a variety of diseases and parasites. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control offers fast and humane opossum removal in Maryland, including Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County and many other locations. Whether you have an opossum problem in Annapolis, Gaithersburg or Columbia, we can help!

How We Solve Your Opossum Problem

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control technicians are trained and experienced in opossum removal from residential areas. We use live-trapping techniques to capture nuisance opossums and offer a variety of exclusion barriers proven to work. From assessing the damage to wildlife removal and the site cleanup, we provide the full range of opossum removal services in Maryland.

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“Your company is great! I am so glad I called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control to resolve the opossum problem that’s in the crawl space under my home. John was the worker your company sent to me and he is brilliant! He was able to trap the opossum within 8 hours after setting up the traps. Thank you!”

Amanda Strauss, Rockville, MD

Opossum in the Attic

Opossums are opportunistic animals that will nest in your attic if they find a way to get in.

They are about the same size as raccoons and, being excellent climbers, can use the same entry points. A mother opossum with babies is particularly likely to favor the attic. Once inside, opossums will shred insulation and tear open air ducts to build a comfortable den. They will also defecate right there in the attic, turning it into a stinky litter box. Opossums are generally pretty quiet, but they are nocturnal, so you might hear them moving around in your attic at night. Opossums only live 2 to 3 years, so it’s not uncommon for the animal to die in your attic. A dead opossum will cause an unbearable smell and will need to be professionally removed. Make sure to call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control if you have an opossum problem in Maryland. If you just seal the animal’s entry hole, you risk trapping it inside unable to exit. This will also lead to a smelly opossum carcass in your attic.

Opossums in the Walls

If you hear scratching inside your walls, don’t ignore it—contact us right away!

Even when the attic is available, opossums might still choose to nest in the walls instead. Good climbers as they are, they have no problem getting in and out. However, when the mother is living in the attic and her babies are running all over the place, they can often fall in the wall voids and get stuck. If you hear scratching inside your walls, don’t ignore it—contact your local Maryland wildlife removal experts right away. Baby opossums inside walls will have to be extracted sooner or later, and it’s better to do it while they are still alive

Opossum Under Your Home

Opossums can be a nuisance when they choose to nest under your deck, shed or in the crawlspace.

In the wild, opossums nest in tree hollows, under piles of brush, as well as in burrows made by other animals. They typically live on or below the ground level, which makes spaces underneath man-made structures, such as homes, decks and sheds, a perfect nesting spot. Opossums are common in crawlspaces, cellars and even basements, as long as it’s dark, cool and quiet. While it’s better to have an opossum underneath your shed than inside your attic, you might still want to consider removal even if the animal isn’t bothering you directly. Opossums carry fleas, as well as various parasites, including the dangerous raccoon roundworm. They will also raid your garbage cans and steal pet food when given a chance.

More About Opossums

Opossums have more teeth than any other mammal in North America and are the only marsupial, which means they rear their young in a pouch on their stomach. When threatened, an opossum may play dead or appear sick to fool a predator. Despite this clever tactic, opossums aren’t very smart and, in fact, have one of the smallest brain-to-body-mass ratios among mammals. However, a big brain is not necessary to make a big mess, so don’t dismiss opossums as totally harmless if they are nesting in your home.

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