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Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control covers all of your nuisance animal removal needs in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, DC. Our methods are fast, effective and humane—feel free to contact us with any questions!

Raccoon Removal Services

If you hear loud noises coming from the attic, it’s likely a family of raccoons making themselves at home. Let our experienced wildlife removal technicians look into it and safely evict the intruders before they cause major damage.

Bat Removal Services

Big Brown Bats and Little Brown Bats are the two Maryland bat species most likely to roost in your attic. They are beneficial to have around for insect control, but you don’t want them anywhere inside your house. Beware that bats carry rabies, so don’t attempt to handle a bat on your own!

Squirrel Removal Services

Squirrels are fun to watch chasing each other in a park—not so much when they make a nest under your own roof. In an effort to keep their teeth from overgrowing, squirrels will chew on anything, including wood and wires.

Snake Removal Services

From our experience, homeowners with snake problems often have a rodent problem as well. Thankfully, Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control can help you get rid of both!

Bird Removal Services

Birds might not cause as much damage as a raccoon or a squirrel, but they still can be a nuisance. Woodpeckers make holes in wooden siding, pigeons cover everything with their droppings, and geese can destroy a perfectly manicured lawn pretty fast.

Groundhog Removal Services

Groundhogs are not as harmless as they seem, especially if they decide to build a burrow underneath your porch or deck. The amount of dirt they dig out is enormous in relation to their size. Have them humanely trapped and removed before they compromise any structures on your property.

Skunk Removal Services

You would know if there is a skunk living nearby by the stench the animal uses to mark its territory. Skunks aren’t generally aggressive, but they are defensive, and you and your pets could be a few steps away from getting sprayed.

Opossum Removal Services

Largely misunderstood animals, opossums actually prefer to avoid conflict and stay out of your way. However, they are opportunists and won’t miss a chance to get comfortable in your attic if there is already a convenient entrance.

Dead Animal Removal Services

If you hear odd sounds inside your walls, in the chimney or anywhere else in the house, don’t ignore them and call us right away. This could be an animal stuck and unable to get out. It will eventually die if no one comes to the rescue, and you’ll be dealing with a stinky mess. We can certainly help you clean everything up, but we’d rather remove the animal while it’s still alive. Sometimes, animals with short lifespans live their lives and die inside or underneath your home, in which case we can also perform dead animal removal.

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Other Wildlife Removal

In addition to all of the above animals, we also remove the following:

  • Foxes
  • Beavers
  • Coyotes
  • Wild boars
  • Rodents

If there is another wildlife you are having issues with that we haven’t listed, feel free to contact us—there is a good chance we’ll be able to help.

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