These Methods Won’t Help

  • Trying to bury the groundhog’s burrow entrance will only aggravate the animal.
  • Blocking all entrances to the burrow will lead to groundhog making new ones.
  • Building fences to protect your crops is not effective, as groundhogs can climb.
  • Scare tactics like smelly repellant may cause the groundhog to relocate but not far enough.

Trapping, removal, and exclusion are the only sure ways to solve your Maryland groundhog problem.

Trust Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control for Groundhog Removal

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control covers the entire Maryland region as well as Washington, DC and Pennsylvania. We’re well-acquainted with local biomes, so we bring a unique level of skill and knowledge to each home we serve. We’re fully licensed and insured in all the regions we cover. If your problem is an urgent one, we’ll arrive quickly and address your problem straight away.

After a successful removal, we work towards the most compassionate outcome possible. We release our relocated animals back into the correct ecosystems in the wild. Release isn’t a simple process—some animals are protected, hurt, or endangered. Some can’t be trapped without up-to-date permits. It’s best to hire a professional animal control service, so count on Mid-Atlantic to deliver a lasting and kind solution. Contact us today.