Squirrel Removal FAQs

How many squirrels could possibly reside in my attic?

It is common for our wildlife control team to find 1-5 gray squirrels residing in an attic. In the spring, there could be up to 5-8 squirrels in attics.

How do I prevent a squirrel problem?

The best thing that homeowners can do to prevent squirrel problems is to:

  • Cap your chimney to prevent squirrels from crawling down your chimney and into your home
  • Trim your trees at least 10 feet from your house to prevent squirrels from getting onto your roof

What type of damage can squirrels create in my home?

Gray squirrels are known for chewing wiring. Many of the times you hear about a house fire, it’s due to squirrels messing with your home wiring. Squirrels can also cause significant damage to a home’s insulation. In other squirrel infestations, our wildlife control team finds urine staining on exterior walls of the house and paint damage.