5 Common Signs That You Have a Rodent Problem

Rodents infestation is a common problem today, especially with the increasing housing developments. Different types of rodents can cause concern for homeowners. Although sometimes the presence would be noticed just by a smell or even find them in your home, other times you may not notice anything at all.

If you don’t want to lose your property or endure more expenses on pest control, knowing what signs you should look for and how to avoid rodent issues best is essential. The following are common signs of rodents in your home:

1. Garbage cans with holes

Rats and mice will naturally look for food sources, and if you have garbage cans in your home, they will certainly go through them. It is necessary to keep garbage in trash cans that are tightly closed if stored outside. Even if you don’t have garbage cans, you can still see signs of rodents, such as chewed-out pieces of wood or rags lying around.

2. Mice poop

If you look closely at your home garden or lawn, you will notice poop holes. It is essential to clean up any places where there is waste from mice and rats since they could be a pest. Knowing about the different types of poop that rats and mice leave will help determine if you are having a problem. For example, mouse poop is usually dark in color and placed in small spots, while rat poop is larger, grey-colored, and found in heaps compared to mouse poop.

3. Visible holes on the wall or floor

If you see any holes in the walls or floors inside your home, it might mean that rats have made their way around your house. It would be best to keep an eye out for rat runs or trails visible on the ground or the walls. You will want to repair these immediately since you don’t want rats to use these trails as a way to get back inside your house.

4. Unexplained noises at night

If you hear any unusual sounds at night, this might be a rodent making noises in your wall, attic, or ceiling. It is important to find out if there are holes in your walls or ceiling and make sure that you seal them.

5. Cracks on the walls

If you see any cracks on walls or floors, this is a good sign that rodents have been in your home. You will want to seal up these holes as soon as possible to prevent rats from returning to your home. Rats are very familiar with their surroundings, and they would know that these areas provide them with access to food, water, and shelter.

In summary, it is essential to contact wildlife control to solve these common signs of rodent infestation. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Controls is a leader in ethically removing all sorts of wildlife from residential and business properties. Contact us for more information!