Bats Flea into Home in Gaithersburg

A homeowner off of Horns Point Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20878 discovered bats flying around in his bedroom and master bathroom around 9 pm as he was getting ready for bed. He called Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control for emergency bat removal services. At 10:30 pm a bat expert from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control Arrived to capture the bats that were flying around in the bedroom and to conduct a thorough inspection to determine how and why the bats got in. The homeowner had a new roof installed the day before. The bat expert from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control conducted a thorough inspection of the exterior rooftop and the attic. He discovered that the roofers used spray foam to seal up some holes they encountered around the roofline structure of the home including some holes that lead from the attic to the exterior bathroom wall. By doing this the roofers unknowing sealed a colony of bats in the bathroom wall. The combination of the banging from the roofers and the recent warm weather along with the return of insects like mosquitos must have woke the bats up. The only exit point the bats could find was a gap in the air conditioning vent that lead to the master bathroom. The homeowner had no idea that bats were roosting in his master bathroom wall and most likely they were hibernating in the wall all winter. The bat expert from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control removed the spray foam to allow the remaining bats to exit the wall. Since the bat expert also found additional gaps and openings around the roofline the homeowner had him do a bat seal up to prevent the colony that was roosting in the bathroom wall and other bats from getting into the attic or walls in the future. The photo below shows the hole where the bats were entering this home. You can clearly see the dark oily rub mark on the white drip edge where the bats were getting in. Once inside the attic, the bats would make a sharp turn and crawl down the wall. Since this is a plaster wall there are wooden lath strips down the entire wall which allowed the bats to crawl down the wall and also gave the bats something to hold onto while roosting in the wall.

According to the bat experts at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control many homeowners encounter problems similar to this when they have their roof replaced and they don’t know how to get rid of bats. Due to the potential risk of rabies and the fact that the average Gaithersburg homeowner doesn’t know how to keep bats out of an attic, it’s highly recommended that they contact a bat removal company in Gaithersburg. If you find a bat flying around in your home or discover a colony of bats roosting in your attic contact Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control at [Direct]. A bat expert is ready to help you and answer all of your bat questions.