Bat Removal in Cockeysville

This year seems to be the year for bat removal in Cockeysville, Maryland. More than the average annual number of homeowners have been calling into pest control companies in Cockeysville that perform bat control services. Unfortunately, most of the exterminators and pest control companies in Cockeysville are great at getting bugs out of a house but they don’t know how to get rid of bats. Most of these pest control companies in Cockeysville use outdated techniques that do not provide a permanent fix. Many of the techniques they use either cause the bats to become trapped in your attic or walls. When the bats become trapped they will either panic and find their way into the main living space of your home or they will die in the walls or attic. Even a small colony of dead bats will create a very bad odor throughout your home for about two weeks. Many of the so-called bat control services that exterminators use for bat removal in Cockeysville are illegal. Some exterminators will spray bug killer on the bats in your attic causing them to die which is highly illegal. A homeowner off of Sherwood Road, Cockeysville 21030 discovered a colony of about 50 bats living in their attic. Since the homeowners lived in a historic home they were very concerned about the quality of the work. They called several pest control companies in Cockeysville. The homeowners decided to have the two companies that offered a free inspection come out. The homeowners decided to use the company that provided the cheapest estimate after the inspections were complete. Without doing any research they hired a man that claimed he was a bat expert and knew everything about bat control services. He also claimed that he had been providing services for bat removal in Cockeysville for over a decade. His estimate included the eviction of the bats, sealing up the roofline, and soffit to prevent the bats from re-entering and bat dropping (guano) removal. His estimate also included a 5-year warranty. The warranty said he would return at no charge and seal up any area he may have missed if bats got back in. As the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”. It’s usually never a good idea to use any contractor that offers a free inspection or a contractor that gives the lowest estimate. Unfortunately for the homeowners, the individual that claimed he was a bat expert and claimed he know how to get rid of bats was a conman. He didn’t remove any of the bat guano (droppings) from the attic even though the homeowner paid for it. He didn’t do the seal-up work properly and the bats got back in. Also, he trapped some of the bats inside a wall cavity-causing them to die. The appearance of the exterior soffit/roofline was left an eye sour and the quality of work was poor at best. These are just of few of the many problems but to top it off he refused to return and honor the warranty. In the photo above notice the red arrows pointing at some of the wide gaps that the individual that claimed to be an expert for bat removal in Cockeysville left at the edge of the soffit. This wide gap runs along the entire edge of the roof that meets the vertical wall. The Big Brown Bat is the species of bat that was inhabiting this home. This species of the bat only needs a hole the size of a quarter to enter a home so there is plenty of room for them to enter this roofline. The individual that the homeowner first hired attempted to evict the bats by draping a mesh over the gap. This procedure did not work and it usually doesn’t. The homeowner paid this individual to evict the bats and seal up these wide gaps but that didn’t happen. The homeowners hired this contractor that labeled himself as a bat control expert to perform the bat eviction, seal up the gaps, and remove the bat droppings. Notice the red arrows in the photo above that are pointing at several piles of bat droppings (guano) that the contractor did not remove. There are several more piles like this throughout the attic. If you are in need of a reputable company that provides services for bat removal in Cockeysville be sure to do some research on the company before hiring them. Most pest control companies in Cockeysville are not licensed to perform bat removal. Most wildlife control companies like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control are licensed and insured. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control knows how to get rid of bats and they have a reputation for being honest yet getting the job done in accordance with the laws and guidelines set by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has set up specific guidelines and laws for bat control. To protect humans and bats alike these guidelines and laws must be followed. The Maryland DNR issues licenses to a select few companies that provide bat removal in Cockeysville. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is one of those companies. If you would like to speak to a bat expert at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control that knows how to get rid of bats call 443-417-3137.