Bethesda Bird Wildlife Control: How can I prevent birds from nesting in my vents?

It’s spring. The flowers are blooming and birds are chirping. During this time of the year, we receive many calls from homeowners in Bethesda, Silver Spring and Annapolis with concerns about birds nesting in vents. Birds can nest in a variety of vents at the home, including unprotected bathroom vents, dryer vents, and kitchen vents. Why do birds nest in home vents? They see the vents as safe nesting spots away from the dangers of predators. In fact, many different species of birds prefer to raise their young in vents.

What are the dangers of having bird nests in vents?

When birds nest in your vents, they can clog your vents and prevent proper ventilation. The birds create their nests from debris that are flammable and foul-smelling. It is important that you hire a professional bird technician to remove bird nests from your vents because the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 makes it illegal for homeowners to remove active nests, no matter how inconvenient it maybe for them. Not to mention, bird nests carry both bacteria and mites that make it dangerous for people to handle if they do not know proper bird nest removal techniques. The birds that nest in vents are known as cavity nesters. English house sparrows and European Starlings are common cavity nesters. Here at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control, our bird control technicians are ready to evict birds ( baby birds are transported to wildlife rehabilitation locations) from Bethesda, Silver Spring, and Annapolis residential properties. After the bird eviction is completed, our bird technicians appropriately remove all nesting materials the birds have packed into vents and install new bird proof vent covers to prevent birds from re-entering vents. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is here to protect you from invasive wildlife. Our company is fully insured and licensed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Delaware Fish & Game and Virginia Fish & Game. Call us for wildlife control services. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter as well!