Beware Pasadena: Winter Raccoon Attic Invasion

The National Weather Service is calling for a repeat of last winter’s Arctic chill in the Pasadena area.  According to the Anne Arundel County raccoon removal experts (443-417-3137) the raccoon population in Pasadena is very high to begin with and the colder it gets the more raccoons rip their way into attics and crawl spaces. Raccoons roam the quaint streets of Pasadena mostly at night looking for food and shelter. Recent studies show that suburban and urban raccoons generally have a three block radius territory that they roam with at least two den sites within that territory. The longer period of time that raccoons den in an attic or crawl space the more damage will be done. Raccoons are master climbers and in some cases they will climb up rain spout to reach the rooftop. It is also common for raccoons to climb straight up the side of a home that has a brick or stone façade. Raccoons will use the corner of a home to climb up the side of a home as well.   Once they reach the rooftop the raccoon damage begins. Raccoons will rip open the soffits of a rooftop to access the attic space. Raccoons also enter attics by ripping open holes at the edge of the roof or by bending open louvers on gable vents. If a raccoon can fit its head into a hole then the rest of the body will fit through. Many Pasadena Maryland residents contact Pasadena raccoon control professionals and Pasadena raccoon removal professionals (443-417-3137) to find out how to get rid of raccoons in the attic. Its never a good idea to patch a hole that a raccoon has ripped open in the rooftop unless you are 100% sure that the raccoon is out of the attic. Raccoon control in Pasadena and raccoon removal in Pasadena is not always done by humane raccoon trapping. There are several effective methods that work depending on whether there are raccoon babies in the attic or if it’s just adult raccoons living in the attic. Once the Pasadena raccoon removal experts have completed the raccoon removal process then it is important to have the entry holes sealed up and the raccoon damage repair work completed.  It is extremely important to have the raccoon damage repair work done by a raccoon control professional (443-417-3137) that is also a carpenter so that the entry holes are sealed correctly and no other raccoons or rain water will get into the attic. If raccoons are denning in the chimney do not start a fire in the fireplace. Starting a fire in the fireplace will only overwhelm the raccoons with smoke causing the raccoons to die in the chimney flue. Dead raccoon removal from a chimney flue can be a lot more difficult and expensive then removing raccoons from a chimney when they are alive. How to get a raccoon out of the chimney and keeping raccoons out of a chimney can be a simple task if you are experienced however if its removing baby raccoons from the chimney then that may not be so simple. Either way you should consult with Anne Arundel raccoon removal professionals (443-417-3137) to ensure that the job is done correctly.