Can Snake Removal in Rockville protect me?

This week a woman in Texas saw a 12 foot python slither into her bath tub. How on earth did a 12 foot python get into her home? NBC Washington News has reported that the 12 foot python entered the home from the back door while the woman was bathing her pet guinea pigs. Fortunately the woman nor her guinea pigs were harm. You can read the full story here in the article ‘Texas Woman Finds 12 Foot Python Slithering Into Tub.’ In North America there are roughly 120 snake species and 17 of the snakes are venomous. In the state of Maryland there are 27 different snake species of snakes and they can live in a variety of habitats – aquatic, dry land…you name it. It is important to note that snakes are carnivores and prey on small animals and they can cause serious bodily harm to people. If you see snakes on your property, do not, we repeat, do not provoke them. Do not try to trap snakes. It’s very hard to tell the difference between venomous snakes and non-venomous snakes if you are not a snake expert ( yes, that includes snake species and behaviors). Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control can provide you with humane snake removal services. We have humane snake trappings and snake repellent to remove and keep snakes permanently off your property. We will conduct a snake inspection of your property to make sure snakes are not concealing themselves under debris,within plants, under concrete or gaps in your home foundation. We will even remove snakes from you attics and pools. The key to proper snake removal is identifying how snakes are entering your home and sealing off those entry points. Our wildlife control techs will seal off your entire home to make sure your family and property are safe and sound.

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Source: ‘Texas Woman Finds 12 Foot Python Slithering Into Tub.’