Carroll County Skunk Watch

As spring approaches, it is important to prepare yourself for the oncoming possibility of skunks. Skunks are about to start exploring after their winter-long warmth-keeping, so the time has come to educate yourself so that you can be ready when these smelly critters show up.

Sights and Sounds

Skunks are about the size of a house cat. They are black with white stripes that run from their head to their tail. They tend to be rather quiet animals, but they do make noises. In fact, especially when they are young, they make a wide variety of noises from yips to screeches and everything in between. Because skunks do not have very good eyesight they rely on their noses to find food, so don’t be surprised to hear them sniffing about your Carroll County home.

Signs and Smells

Skunks are excellent diggers, so make sure to keep an eye out for holes and scratch marks in the dirt. They also like to take up residence in garages, under decks, and anywhere they can create a den. You may see signs of the oils they secrete around the opening to a den-site as well. There’s more to skunks than just their famous spraying. One of the most important things about skunks is that they secrete a foul-smelling liquid from their scent glands. So, you can usually tell when a skunk has moved in because it really stinks.


Skunks are famous for spraying people and making everything in the area smell terrible. However, there is a way to avoid their awful spray. The usual warning signs before a skunk sprays are that the skunk will hiss and stomp its front paws. Now, skunks can spray up to 15ft behind them, so if you’re going to run you should really hustle. Remember that spraying is a defense mechanism, so try to avoid this situation entirely by steering clear of the little guys. If you think there is a skunk in your backyard do not confront it.

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