Darnestown Squirrel Control

When it comes to controlling problems caused by wildlife, many Darnestown residents wouldn’t consider squirrels to be a problem. But even though squirrels appear small and cute, they can actually cause major damage to your Darnestown home, including house fires. Squirrels can cause serious damage to your home and its structure. It’s very often that homeowners don’t realize they have damage from squirrels until the damage is too severe to fix easily. Most of the damage that squirrels cause can be found in the attic. Squirrels often use trees to reach the roof of your Darnestown home. They then chew through the shingles to make their way into your attic. Once in the attic, squirrels will often continue to chew on wall joices and support beams throughout your home. Squirrels chew often in order to keep their front teeth from growing too long. The holes left by the constant chewing of squirrels will also lead to water damage to your home’s structure. It is common for water damage to alert homeowners of their pest problem. Along with damage to your home’s structure, squirrels can also cause damage to your insulation. Your insulation is destroyed from constant activity by squirrels along with their feces and urine, resulting in useless insulation and possible increases to your energy bills.

Since squirrels chew so often, wires are never safe once squirrels have entered your home. Homeowners tend to ignore the flickering of lights and other electrical appliances as signs of squirrel damage, which then leaves your home vulnerable to house fires. It is estimated that at least 30,000 house fires per year are caused by squirrels. The next time you notice a constant flickering of lights in your Darnestown home, don’t ignore it. Search your attic for other signs of squirrel infestation and then call the professionals at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control. At Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control, we specialize in the elimination of squirrels in the homes of Darnestown residents. We know how to identify signs of squirrel damage as well as humanely remove the squirrels from your home. We can also help prevent future infestations.

If you suspect squirrel activity, call us today at 443-417-3137 You can also visit our online contact page. We are available all hours of the day and evening, so never hesitate to call.

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