Dead Deer Removal Services in Maryland

Thousands of deer get hit by vehicles every year in Maryland. At the peak of the mating season, the State Highway Administration (HSA) may pick up as many as 60-70 carcasses in one day. Dead deer and other roadkill pickup is currently managed by the HSA as well as on the county level, depending on who has jurisdiction over a particular road. However, injured deer often leave the site of the accident, stumbling into your yard or business property where the animal becomes your responsibility. Whether you live in Bethesda, Owilngs Mills, Columbia or Annapolis, Mied-Atlantic Wildlife Control can assist you with dead deer removal.

What Should I Do About a Dead Deer?

A dead deer on your property presents several problems. Not only does it emit an awful odor, but it may also attract birds and other scavengers to your property. Dead deer removal is not a pleasant job, which is why you should call a dead deer removal expert right away. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife control carries a deer salvage permit that allows us to perform deer carcass removal from private land. No matter how gruesome the scene or how big the deer, we will promptly pick it up and dispose of it for you.

How a Dead Deer Ends up in Your Yard

Deer may die of natural causes, get attacked by a predator or get hit by a vehicle.

Automobile accidents is the most common cause of death for deer in Maryland and many other states. Quite often, a deer may suffer injuries, but be able to pull itself together and stumble away from the road. In most cases, a deer that’s been hit by a car is doomed due to internal bleeding and other life-threatening conditions that developed during the impact. Looking for a place to rest, injured deer may come across your backyard or a shaded patch of grass behind your office building. Sometimes, if the deer is in the open, someone else may see it before you and remove its antlers as a trophy or pick up the entire carcass for processing.

Can I Remove the Dead Deer Myself?

A dead deer can weigh up to several hundred pounds and can be difficult to move.

Removing the deer by yourself will require you to find a way to dispose of it. Simply dragging it to the far end of your property and letting nature take its course will eventually lead to an awful smell, not to mention a potential health issue. Besides, deer can weigh several hundred pounds, which makes moving a deer a strenuous job. It is a messy one as well, if you are dealing with a deer mangled in a car accident. If you don’t know anyone who cooks or otherwise processes roadkill, it’s best to call a professional for dead deer removal in Maryland.