Deer Repellent Services in Maryland

Unlike squirrels or raccoons, deer are large animals that are protected by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. You can’t kill a deer outside of the hunting season and you can’t live-trap and relocate it like we do with smaller animals. Meanwhile, deer can be a nuisance if they frequent your property, especially your garden. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control offers safe and effective deer repellent services in Maryland, whether you are in Columbia, Bethesda, Edgewood or in any other location.

Service in Maryland,
Pennsylvania and Virginia

How We Can Help You Deter Deer

The exact approach to deterring nuisance deer from your property will depend on the type of damage the deer is causing. Our experienced technicians will help you assess the situation and find a method (or a combination of methods) to best help with your deer problem. Our deer repellent methods include but are not limited to:

  • Fencing installation around affected areas
  • Deer repellent application (contact and area repellents)
  • Motion-activated repellent devices
  • Tree netting and other methods

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Deer in the Garden

You need a deer repellent that works the first time—the second time there may be no garden left!

Deer eat a lot and they are not very picky either. Any sort of vegetation will do, including your garden veggies. Whatever they don’t eat, they will trample as they are heading to their feeding grounds. It can be incredibly frustrating to watch the fruits of your hard labor get eaten by the hungry deer. These animals are also capable of jumping rather high, which means not all types of fencing will protect your garden. There are many deer repellent options available online, from home-made remedies to manufactured products. However, do you have the time to try each one or keep losing your plants until you find a repellent that works? Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control offers an arsenal of tested and proven deer repellents that are also green and safe for your garden plants.

Deer Damaging Landscape

Don’t risk losing the beautiful landscaping that you’ve spent your own time and money to perfect.

Deer can be a nuisance year-round. While in summer they are after your vegetable garden, in fall and winter they may damage your shrubs and small trees. Male deer tend to rub their antlers against the trees in fall. Sometimes it’s to mark their territory, and other times it’s to shed the soft velvet lawyer. And because grass and most vegetation is dead in winter, deer may start feeding on your evergreen trees and shrubs, such as arborvitae, as well as perennials. If missing bottom branches and peeled bark are common occurrences in your yard, contact our deer repellent experts.

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