Ellicott City Fox Control

Ellicott City is one of the more well-known residential areas of Montgomery County. While some areas see more activity than others, the area is still perfect for the two species of fox that can be found in the state of Maryland. While most foxes won’t pose an immediate threat to humans, it is important to implement fox control services should the population begin to spill onto residential property in Ellicott City. There are two species of fox found in Maryland. The Gray Fox is the shyer of the fox species found in Maryland. This fox is not the commonly seen fox by humans in the Ellicott City area, but is known to attack livestock on occasion. If you have a chicken coup on your Ellicott City property, or if you tend to leave your domestic pets outdoors, having a fox near your property could be a disaster. Instead of harming the animal or putting yourself at risk, call a professional from Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control to provide fox control services. When Ellicott City residents see a fox on their property, it is typically a Red Fox. The Red Fox is normally a problem because of the damage they cause in Ellicott City yards. The Red Fox will typically create a den for their young and for shelter under sheds, decks, and crawl spaces. If they create a den too close to your home, the structure of your home could suffer. While these animals are not typically aggressive towards humans, they can be carriers of rabies which will then cause the fox to attack. If an infected fox attacks a human or pet, they run the risk of becoming infected as well. If you suspect a fox to be on your Ellicott City property, call the professionals at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control. Our trained staff has been trained by only the top professionals within the animal control industry. When our staff handles a job, we ensure that no harm will come to the animals we are moving. Our technicians are trained to handle the removal and control of foxes using the most humane methods that include:

  1. Live capture trapping
  2. Poultry fence installation
  3. Damage repair
  4. Waste cleanup and sanitization
  5. Exclusion techniques and barriers

To get help with your Ellicott City fox problem, call the professionals at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control today at 443-417-3137. Our staff is available, never hesitate to call us. You can also visit our contact page. Be sure to follow us on PinterestTwitter, and Facebook.