Finding Bats in your Annapolis Attic

Many homes in Annapolis Maryland have bats in the attic however most homeowners don’t even know it. The homeowners that know they have bats usually discover the bats when they hear high pitched noises coming from the attic. Some homeowners discover bats in the attic when they made their seasonal trip to the attic to retrieve items stored away. Others discover bats in the house when they are standing outside of their home at dusk and see bats flying out of the rooftop. Many people find they have a bat problem in the attic when they find bat guano in the attic (usually on the attic floor). You many also find bat guano on the ground directly under the entry point were the bats exit and re-enter because bats defecate just before flying off to make room for food. Not only is it common to find bats in the attic it’s also common to find bats behind shutters, bats in chimneys, and bats in the walls. Many Anne Arundel County residents don’t have bats roosting in the attic but often encounter bats flying around inside a bedroom or bats flying around in the kitchen because they left a window or door open. Anne Arundel County residents that have bats flying around inside the house often do so because they have a bat colony roosting in the attic. Occasionally a single bat (especially young ones) will venture away from the colony of bats and crawl through ventilation ductwork or the bat will crawl through the gaps around an attic access panel. Often Anne Arundel County Bat experts report finding bats in the walls of homes around Annapolis. Historical homes around Annapolis are prone to have a bat problem do to the abundance of entry points around the homes exterior. Bats don’t chew or dig to get into a home, however bats enter homes through pre-existing holes or gaps that are a 1/4” or larger and most of the historical homes in Annapolis have a great many 1/4” holes or gaps around the roofline. If you wake up and find a bat flying around in the room where you were sleeping it is very important that the bat be contained and tested for rabies. Bats have very small teeth and if a person is in a deep sleep they may not know that they have been bitten by a bat. An inmate in a Virginia prison system died from rabies because he was bitten by a rabid bat while sleeping and didn’t even know it. To learn more about the man bitten by a rabid bat visit . If you suspect you may have been bitten by a bat contact the Anne Arundel County Department of Health at 410-222-7095. The Anne Arundel County Department of Health is located at 3 Truman Pkwy, Annapolis, MD 21401or you can visit their web site at If you suspect that you have bats roosting in your home or if you have a single bat flying around inside your home or if you have any questions about bats roosting in homes contact an Anne Arundel County Bat Expert at 443-417-3137.