Groundhog Trapping In Baltimore

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control knows how to get rid of groundhogs and they are the leading company for groundhog trapping in Baltimore. During an average season Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control remains busy from April to September trapping groundhogs in yards across Baltimore County. Pest Control companies in Baltimore and groundhog trapping companies in Baltimore are overwhelmingly busy responding to calls from desperate homeowners. Most of these calls are for groundhogs digging burrows under the foundation of their homes, sheds, decks, walkways and built in-ground pools. The photo below was taken at a property off of Sherwood Road Cockeysville 21030 but this could happen to any Baltimore County home. A groundhog dug underneath the latus to access the area under the porch. Once the groundhog gained access under the porch it dug a tunnel down alongside the foundation wall of this home and than dug the main chamber to its burrow underneath of the concrete basement floor. A 3’ foot by 3’ foot area of the concrete basement floor collapsed because the groundhog removed the dirt from under that area of the floor to build its main chamber. Most pest control companies in Baltimore County don’t know how to get rid of groundhogs or how to stop groundhogs from digging in the yard. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control specializes in groundhog trapping, groundhog control, and groundhog exclusion barriers. Simply put, Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control knows how to get rid of groundhogs and install the proper materials to keep groundhogs out. The groundhog trapping technician trapped and removed the groundhog, filled in the burrow, repaired the damages, and install groundhog-proof exclusion barriers to keep groundhogs out in the future. If groundhogs are burrowing in your yard don’t call just any pest control company in Baltimore County, call a groundhog removal expert at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control (443-417-3137). Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions about your groundhog trapping needs.