Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control has been responding to calls for groundhog removal in Potomac for the past 15 years. This year they are receiving a record number of calls for groundhog trapping in Potomac. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control uses humane techniques that have been proven to work. Pest control companies in Potomac are great at taking care of bug problems but they don’t know how to get rid of groundhogs. When it comes to groundhog control in Potomac Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the “go to” experts.

How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs 

Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is a full service company for groundhog removal in Potomac. They do groundhog trapping in Potomac as well as exclusion and groundhog damage repair. After a few weeks of failure many of the homeowners in Potomac that have tried to do groundhog trapping on their own realize they don’t know how to get rid of groundhogs. They windup calling one of the many pest control companies in Potomac instead of a nuisance wildlife control company like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control. Groundhogs are very clever animals and they survive by being cautious and constantly aware of their surroundings. Groundhog control in Potomac is not as easy as it sounds and usually requires a professional. The groundhog trapping expert from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control received a call last Saturday from three neighbors. These neighbors lived next to each other off of Iron Gate Road Potomac 20854. One of the homeowners has lived there for the past 20 years and has never seen a groundhog until last May. four weeks ago two of the homeowners saw six groundhogs at one time in their back yards. Instead of calling a company that provides groundhog removal in Potomac they called one of the over priced and under experienced nation wide pest control companies in Potomac that they have a monthly bug service contract with.

Be Careful Who You Hire

Needless to say the nationwide pest control company in Potomac charged all three homeowners the full groundhog trapping in Potomac price even though the homes were next to each other.  No groundhogs was trapped during the two weeks that the pest control company had traps set. The exterminator from the pest control company never re-baited the traps or moved them in attempt to trap one of the six groundhogs. The homeowners paid for two weeks of groundhog trapping. The exterminator called the homeowners at the end of the second week to advise them that they would be charged additional fees if the traps were left out.  All three homeowners said “no thanks”.

Hiring The Right Company

Groundhog trapping in Potomac is a common necessity. A homeowner around the corner advised them to call Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control. The next day the groundhog trapping expert from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control set traps with fresh bait in all three yards. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control only charged one fee which all three homeowners split since they were next to each other. The groundhog trapping expert from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control successfully trapped all six groundhogs by the second day of trapping.

Repairing The Damage

After the groundhog trapping was complete the groundhog expert from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control was able to seal the groundhog holes. The homeowner in the middle had an in-ground pool. Three of the groundhog holes were against the pool which means the groundhogs had dug tunnels under the pool. Unfortunately the pool had a small crack in the bottom and it was leaking. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control was able to pump a sealant down through the groundhog tunnel which stopped the pool from leaking. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control filled in the remaining holes and proved once again that they know how to get rid of Groundhogs. Groundhogs removal in Potomac cost homeowners millions in damage repairs each year. These damages include pools, foundations, walkways, and much more. Pest control companies in Potomac often take advantage of homeowners who don’t know how to get rid of groundhogs. If you are in need of groundhog trapping in Potomac give the groundhog control experts at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at 443-417-3137.