Why is Hanover Fox Removal Necessary?

As humans continue to populate the Earth, more untouched areas throughout cities and towns are being used for roads, homes, and commercial uses. As we continue to take the land for our own uses, more wild animals are being forced to adapt to living in urban and suburban areas. While some critters live undetected by humans, others make their presence more known, which can cause problems for both humans and critters alike. One of the animals that can cause problems for your Hanover home is the fox. While foxes aren’t typically known for harming humans, their presence on your property can cause issues. Foxes are known to attack chickens and other livestock, causing serious problems for farmers. Foxes will also attack older or baby domestic pets like cats and dogs if they spot them in your yard as well going through trash left outside. The den of a fox can cause the most issue. A fox can create a den almost anywhere, including under sheds, decks, and crawl spaces. These dens can allow water damage as well as other damage to a Hanover home’s structure. Once the fox family has abandoned the den, the space could also attract other wildlife like raccoons. The raccoon could then use the den as a latrine, which would leave your home vulnerable to several hazardous diseases like raccoon roundworm. While the presence of a fox on your Hanover property can become troublesome over time, there is never a reason to harm the animal. Instead, call the professionals at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control. Our technicians have been trained by only the best within the animal control industry in order to remove animals from residential Hanover properties both efficiently and humanely. Our team is trained on how to handle fox removal from the Hanover area using the following methods:

  • Cleanup and Sanitization
  • Damage Repair
  • Exclusion
  • Barriers
  • Live Trapping
  • Installing Poultry Fencing

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