Hanover Becomes Over Ran With Skunks

There has been an abundance of Skunks living in Hanover, Pennsylvania since the end of the ice age. In the last two years, their population has exploded and after their mating season is over this year it is predicted that the Skunk population in Hanover will reach all-time high record numbers. Skunk trapping companies in Hanover attribute their population growth to the increase in human population and the thousands of new homes being built throughout Hanover and the surrounding areas. An abundance of food comes with all the new trash being put out by all the humans moving into the new communities being built. Food sources also come from the birdseed that thousands of Hanover residents put out daily to feed songbirds. The seeds that the birds drop on the ground will provide a Skunk with a healthy food source that they will keep coming back for. Pet food for dogs and cats is also enjoyed by Skunks. It has also become a trend for people living in communities to have a small backyard chicken coop which also gives Skunks another food source. About half of all the new homes being built in and around Hanover have some kind of shed or storage building in the yard. The space under these sheds and storage buildings provides the perfect den site for Skunks. Wildlife control companies like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control in Hanover receive hundreds of calls from homeowners wanting to know how to get rid of Skunks under a shed. Skunks will also den under above-ground pools, under the foundation of homes, and under concrete walkways and patios. Many of these new homes are built with deep window wells for the basement windows. Unfortunately, animals of all kinds including Skunks often get trapped in the window wells. On March 14th Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control received a call from a homeowner on Meadowview Drive, Hanover Pennsylvania 17331 about a Skunk that had climbed down in their basement window well and could not get back out. They did not know about the Skunk in the window well until their dog discovered it and got sprayed. As you can see in the photo below the window well was too deep for the Skunk to climb out on his own.

Since Skunks use a pungently fail-smelling sulfur-based spray as a protection to ward off potential predators which includes humans most people don’t want to approach them and choose to hire Skunk removal companies in Hanover like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control. If you have a Skunk problem give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call. One of their Skunk removal experts will answer any pest control or wildlife control questions you may have. Call today at 866-784-8058 for Hanover PA skunk removal.