Help! I Have A Raccoon I Need To Remove!

If you live in an area where wild animals are common, you probably have encountered a few raccoons entering your home without your invitation. Raccoons are adorable creatures but their cleverness can be stressful for many homeowners. Considered wild animals, raccoons are now slowly developing a liking for living near human territories. They rummage through garbage bins while others even find their way into attics and build a shelter. 

Raccoons are not considered pets but more like critters. If they start to build a shelter inside your home, that’s a real problem for you. Unlike other animals, raccoons are hard to remove because they are smart and always find a way to escape and avoid capture. As a result, you end up getting disappointed especially if raccoons start to become a nuisance affecting your daily activities.  So, how do raccoons come into your home uninvited? Raccoons get inside your home through your roof vents, roof edges, chimneys, and plumbing mats. 

Raccoons living in the attic

Raccoons are more attracted to the attic as it provides plenty of space and is also warm. Once they enter your attic, they will turn it into a giant litter box. Raccoons don’t have big teeth like squirrels but they can damage anything that they can lay their hands on. They can flatten and rip your insulation, tear down your air ducts, and chew on wires. In a matter of days, you will experience a lot of serious problems concerning your home’s insulation and plumbing system. 

Will raccoons leave eventually?

Raccoons might leave your home especially if they lodge alone. However, a family of raccoons living in your home has a lower chance of leaving because they already found a “home”. If you have been experiencing problems with raccoons, you probably considered getting them removed. Your first idea is to remove them on your own. While you can attempt to manually remove a raccoon or two, it might not be a good idea. Raccoons are unpredictable and vicious when cornered. You could end up getting bitten in the process of removing them. 

Raccoon removal service

Raccoons are clever and will not mind lodging in a place even if it’s occupied, as long as it has easy access to food. If you need to remove raccoons, it is best to leave the removal process to the professionals. Hire a company that offers raccoon removal services as they are experts in dealing with it. They are professionally trained to search and locate raccoons and efficiently remove them as soon as possible. Plus, they don’t just remove raccoons from your home – they release them somewhere safe for the raccoons so they don’t get injured or get killed. 

These professionals also know the entry point for raccoons so they can block it so no more raccoons can enter your home uninvited. This can give you some peace of mind knowing that they safely and efficiently remove raccoons and get the job done right by blocking those entry points. Remove those raccoons and start living a comfortable life inside your home. 

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