How to Deal With the Potomac Raccoon Epidemic

Since March 1, 2015, our Potomac raccoon removal professionals have received 50% more calls for raccoon control than during the first week of March 2014. Many homeowners find out they have raccoons living in the attic when they hear animal noises coming from the attic or the sound of animals running across the roof. Raccoon trapping is an effective raccoon control method if the raccoons are just coming into the yard or if raccoons are running across the roof. However, Potomac raccoon trapping professionals suggest other raccoon removal methods if the raccoons are living in the attic. Potomac raccoon removal experts warn that raccoons are getting ready to start having babies, so it’s important to check for baby raccoons in the attic before removing the adult raccoon. Many homeowners look in the attic and do not see the raccoons, so they assume that the raccoons are gone and seal up the entry holes that the animals ripped open in the roof. By sealing the entry holes, you risk trapping baby raccoons in the attic. It is never a good idea to do this unless you are 100% sure that the raccoons are out of the attic. Montgomery County raccoon removal experts (202-557-1443) recommend hiring a professional raccoon control company to get raccoons out of the attic to avoid sealing the raccoons in the attic.