How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Basement

With the arrival of spring comes many frustrated homeowners in need of snake removal in Silver Spring. As temperatures rise and stay above 45 degrees some snake species come out of hibernation. The first species to come out of hibernation is the Garter Snake. This non-aggressive, non-venomous species feeds on small fish like minnows, a variety of insects, and earthworms. Garter Snakes are a small snakes and can fit into small gaps and cracks in the foundation of any home. Do to their slender build they are also known to enter a home through gaps under an exterior door. Most homeowners don’t know how to get rid of snakes because they don’t understand the way snakes function and most people are afraid of snakes because they have never handled one before. This is why snake expert companies like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control stay busy throughout the spring, summer, and early fall months in Silver Spring. Last week a homeowner on Harvey Rd, Silver Spring 20910 contacted Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control because they were finding snake skins in their basement. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control sent out one of their snake experts to inspect the yard, the exterior foundation of the home, and the basement to determine why the snakes were on the property, how are they gaining entry into the home, and why are they getting into the home. Immediately when the snake expert pulled into the driveway he noticed several places in the yard where snakes would hibernate and find security from predators. Upon a more detailed inspection of the yard, he discovered an old oak tree that was hollowed out at the bottom with loose dirt in the hollowed base. A tree like this is perfect for snakes to hibernate in or simply to hang out in during the warmer months of the year. The snake expert found and removed a Brown Snake (see photo below) from under a pallet that firewood was stacked on top of.

The snake expert from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control proceeded to inspect the foundation of the home where he found three gaps that any small to medium size snake could fit through. In fact, he actually found a snakeskin in one of the gaps. The skin was still very soft and flexible meaning that a snake must have shed while entering the house. He continued the inspection in the basement in an attempt to locate the snake that left the skin in the foundation gap. The shredded skin was only 10 inches long and there were a lot of storage boxes in the basement making it almost impossible to locate the snake. After searching for 30 minutes the snake expert was able to find the snake in the rafters of the ceiling. After the inspection was complete Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control sealed up the entry points in the foundation of the home to prevent any more snakes from coming into the basement in the future. If you don’t know what to do if you find a snakeskin or snake in your house then contact a professional that can help. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control is the leading snake expert in Silver Spring. Call [DirectNumber] and a professional will help you.