How to Remove a Fox Without Killing It

Foxes are known for their mysterious and often mischievous behavior, but one thing is certain – when a fox comes too close to your home or property, it can become a nuisance. While there are some who advocate lethal measures to remove unwanted animals from their territories, such as trapping and poisoning, there are humane methods available that can help you send the fox away without harming it. 

In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at how you can successfully remove a fox without killing it. We’ll discuss the various non-lethal options available to you on how you can discourage them from returning and provide practical advice on prevention tips.

Seal off possible entrances.

A thorough inspection of your yard or property should reveal any potential entry points for a fox to get inside, such as holes under fences or gaps in wood piles. Make sure any gaps or holes around your home and yard are sealed off or blocked by placing heavy-duty mesh or netting over them. This will prevent further access by the fox and can make existing animals uncomfortable so they’ll leave on their own. Be sure to check the perimeter of your property regularly for new openings that have been created!

Modify its habitat.

Foxes like areas with dense vegetation, so try cutting down or trimming back any tall grass, weeds, or shrubs that are near your property. This will reduce the amount of cover available to the fox and make it less likely to return.

Use deterrents.

Foxes are very sensitive to smell, so you can try using scent-based repellents such as ammonia or predator urine (available in garden stores). You can also use ultrasonic devices designed to deter foxes from entering your yard, though they may not be effective if there is dense vegetation.

Remove sources of food.

If the fox has been attracted by a source of food on your property (such as pet food left outdoors), remove it immediately and clean up any remaining debris that may attract them.

Use a live trap.

If a live trap is available, this can be used to capture the fox without harm. Contact local wildlife agencies to get a live trap and instructions on how to use it. Use bait such as fish or chicken inside the trap, and check the trap regularly. When you have captured the fox in your live trap, contact an animal control expert for further assistance with the removal of the fox. 

By following the tips above, you can avoid having to resort to lethal traps or poisons and instead create a situation that encourages foxes in Westminister MD 21157 to find another place to live. You can also contact us at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control if necessary. We will solve your problem quickly and efficiently, without having to resort to killing the fox. We understand that sometimes animals can become nuisances, but there is always a way to remove them without causing harm. Contact us today to learn more about our methods for removing unwanted animals from your property.