How to Remove Birds from Your Property Safely and Humanely

Seeing birds around your property can be delightful, but not when they start to become a nuisance. From digging up your plants and interfering with kitchen gardens to leaving droppings on cars and buildings, birds can quickly become an unwelcome presence if left uncontrolled. Fortunately, there are several humane methods you can try that will encourage these feathered visitors to move on without harming them or making them feel threatened. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some effective strategies for removing birds from your property safely and humanely so you can keep the peace!

The first step in getting rid of birds is to determine where they are coming from and why they have chosen your property. Are there food sources or shelter on the premises? Is there a nesting site present? Knowing where the birds are living and feeding can help you devise an effective plan for removal. Once you’ve identified potential causes, begin by making the area less attractive to birds. Make sure all garbage cans and bird feeders are securely covered, especially at night when most species of birds are active. If possible, remove any trees or shrubs that could be providing shelter for them. Additionally, if there’s standing water near your home, consider draining it as it will attract more birds. 

The next step is to make the area less comfortable for birds by introducing repellents. Loud noises, bright lights, and even artificial hawks can help scare birds away from your property. If you’re looking for a more humane approach, there are also bird-specific repellents. These repellents create a physical or auditory barrier by emitting sounds, smells, lights and other signals that deter birds from entering a certain area. The most effective types of repellants use environmental cues like air pressure changes and visual movements such as an owl’s silhouette projected on the wall. Other products contain ingredients known to repel birds such as hot peppers, garlic oil and aluminum foil strips. 

Finally, if all else fails, it might be time to enlist professional help. Wildlife control companies specialize in removing unwanted wildlife from residential areas and will have access to more specialized tools and techniques for controlling bird populations on your property in a safe and humane way. When looking into any wildlife control company you are considering, be sure to ask questions about their techniques, tools and experience with the specific type of bird problem you are experiencing on your property. A thorough investigation can help give you peace of mind that the company you are working with will be able to handle your bird problem in an efficient and humane manner. 

Removing birds from your property can be a tricky endeavor but with the right approach, it is possible to do so safely and humanely in Westminister MD 21157. By identifying the source of their presence and taking proactive measures such as covering food sources, removing nesting sites, introducing repellents, and enlisting professional help if needed, you can get your feathered visitors to relocate without harming them or making them feel threatened in any way. If you are in need of professional services in Westminister MD 21157 to remove birds safely from your property, contact us today. At Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, we have experts who can identify and address the bird removal needs on your property while maintaining respect for any affected birds. Schedule an appointment with us today!