Humane Raccoon Removal Services in Ellicott City

On October 6, 2014, Howard County wildlife control professionals received a call from a resident on Collage Ave, Ellicott City, MD 21043 who complained about a raccoon climbing on the roof however the homeowner was adamant that the raccoons were not getting into the attic or chimney. The Howard County wildlife removal professionals advised the homeowner to have their roof inspected for raccoon damage and entry points where the raccoon may be entering the attic (usually if raccoons are climbing around on the roof then raccoons are getting into the attic). The homeowner refused to have the inspection and proceeded with raccoon trapping. Howard County animal control professionals were surprised that the raccoon trapped was a nursing female (mother) raccoon. Raccoons generally have their young between April and June. The homeowner allowed the raccoon removal professionals to inspect the roof and attic space to search for baby raccoons and damage caused by raccoons. The raccoon control professionals found two entry points that the raccoon ripped open in the roof as well as three raccoon babies in the attic. Raccoons are very smart animals so if you are trying to learn how to keep raccoons out of your attic and attempting to do raccoon trapping without the assistance of the Ellicott City animal removal experts (443-417-3137) then you may not succeed with keeping raccoons out of the attic. Invasive raccoons enter attics in many different ways. Raccoons rip open holes in soffit boards, roofs, fascia boards, and they also bend the louvers open in gable vents to access attics. Often raccoons enter attics through attic fans that do not have a raccoon-proof attic fan cover installed. Ellicott City raccoon removal professionals answer hundreds of calls from frightened homeowners asking “how do I get raccoons out of my chimney”.  Chimney flues resemble a hollow tree and that is why raccoons like to give birth to their raccoon babies in chimneys. It is never a good idea to trap a mother raccoon with babies in the chimney.  For details on how to get baby raccoons out of the chimney contact the Ellicott City raccoon trapping experts at 443-417-3137

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