Importance of Potomac Skunk Removal

Most of us have experienced the foul smell of skunk while driving down the road. Some of us have even experienced the frightful sight of a skunk, dreading the possibility of being sprayed. Skunks have a tendency to hide under houses, decks, sheds, cabins, and storage buildings. Nobody wants to have to deal with a skunk invasion on their property, so it’s important to hire a company who can assist you with skunk removal. But first, how do you know if you have a skunk problem?   You can tell if you have a few skunks as neighbors if you frequently spot a black bushy tail. Be warned: this is not a black squirrel. Skunks are well known as having a white stripe down their backs. If you see a skunk and it begins stomping its feet, get as far away as possible; they can spray up to 15 feet! Another sign of nearby skunks is if you frequently smell that foul odor.   So why should you have skunks removed from your property? While skunks can be helpful in keeping rodents and insects away, many of them can carry rabies and are a danger to your pets and children. Because most skunks act at night, you definitely want to call animal control if you see a skunk in the daytime; it could be a sign of a rabies infection. Skunks can also damage your property while trying to sneak into your basement or crawl space. In addition, they can cause unwanted holes in your lawn and make a mess of the trash in your trashcans.  

If you think you have a skunk problem at your Potomac home, don’t try to solve it on your own. You run the risk of being bitten or sprayed and having to deal with the awful smell. It’s best to call a skunk removal professional who can also give you tips and tricks about how to prevent a skunk problem in the future. For more information about skunk removal, call the professionals at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control. Our technicians are trained to properly handle local wildlife, especially those infected with rabies. We use humane removal and control methods that eliminate any potential to harm to both humans and the wildlife. If you need help, you can reach us by calling 410-417-3137 or by visiting our online contact page. We are available, so never hesitate to call. We are also available on weekends and holidays as well. Follow Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control today on Google+PinterestTwitter, and Facebook.