Lutherville-Timonium Squirrels Living in Residential Attics

It’s that time of the year once again when homeowners in Lutherville and Timonium are hearing noises in the attic or they are hearing scratching noises in the attic caused by invasive Lutherville-Timonium squirrels. Hundreds of residents in Lutherville and Timonium are wondering “How to get squirrels out of the attic”.  The most effective method is to call the Baltimore County Wildlife Experts (443-417-3137) and inquire about their humane squirrel trapping in Baltimore solution and their Lutherville-Timonium squirrel damage repair techniques. Squirrel control in Lutherville and Timonium can be tricky if it’s not done properly. It’s important to trap and remove squirrels that are living in the attic instead of luring every squirrel in your neighborhood to your rooftop. After the squirrel trapping is complete then the squirrel damage repair must be done to prevent other animals from getting in the attic.

Lutherville-Timonium Squirrels

The longer period of time that squirrels are in the attic of your Lutherville-Timonium home the more damage squirrels can create. Damage caused by squirrels can be extensive. Squirrels will chew through wood and lite gauge metals around your roof to gain entry into your attic. The most common areas that squirrels chew holes through around the rooftop is the fascia board, soffit board, apexes, and gable vents. Not only does the squirrel cause damage but rain water and melting snow will get into the holes that the squirrels chewed through causing water damage inside your home and mold will spread throughout the moist areas. If you have squirrels living in the attic contact the Lutherville-Timonium animal control professionals at 443-417-3137. Chimneys are another favorite den site for squirrels. Chimneys that do not have a squirrel proof chimney cap installed on the top are easily accessed by squirrels. Squirrels often have their babies in the chimney behind the damper on top of the fire box. If squirrels are living in the chimney do not start a fire because the smoke will overwhelm the squirrels causing them to die in the chimney and the extraction of the dead squirrels can be much more difficult and expensive then getting them out alive. It may also create a fire hazard when the nesting materials that the squirrels brought into the chimney flu catch fire. In some cases the nesting material is so deep that it causes the smoke to back up into the house. To learn more about the fire hazards squirrels can create contact the Lutherville Fire Department at their non-emergency number 410-887-7778 or visit them at 1609 Bellona Ave., Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093 or visit their website at .

Lutherville-Timonium Squirrels with Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control

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