Map Shows Squirrel Damage to Electrical Grid

Cyber Squirrel 1 is a website designed to provide visual information and related links for “Cyber Squirrel Operations.” It gathers information from other online sources and compiles a visual representation of where and what sort of damage squirrels cause to infrastructure. Squirrel damage is something our Maryland squirrel removal experts are closely familiar with, so we dug into the data to unveil relevant statistics for our state.

Power Outages Caused by Wildlife

We’ve recently talked about how squirrels can cause house fires if they get access to an attic. Squirrels tend to chew on wires, not for any particular reason, but simply because they love chewing and the wires are right there in the open. But residential homes are not the only structures affected by squirrels. These animals also pose risk to commercial buildings as well as municipalities. Here are a few notable statistics form the Cyber Squirrel 1 Map:

These are just a few of the power outages that were reported, written about and tracked back to squirrels. Imagine how many squirrel-related outages and fires don’t get this sort of public attention.

Commercial Squirrel Removal

In some cases, there is little you can do to prevent a wildlife-caused power outages. After all, squirrels are free to roam in the streets, climb on telephone poles and bite live wires if they choose to. However, if you have electrical equipment such as transformers or solar panels on your property, we can help you protect it from nuisance animals. From choosing the right transformer box, to installing animal guards and deterrents, there are quite a few things you can do to keep both the power and animals safe.

Squirrels Inside Buildings ans Cars

Although commercial structures are usually much more solid than residential homes, they have their own weak spots where wildlife may gain access. And since businesses typically use much more power than homes, there are more opportunities for a squirrel to damage the wiring. Because parts of commercial buildings can go unused for a while, it’s important to check all remote corners frequently to make sure there are no squirrels under your roof. One other risk to consider is commercial equipment and vehicles that are left unused for a long time, such as tractors stored for the season. Squirrels are known to make nests under the hood even in vehicles that are frequently driven. Be sure to lift the hood and check under there often if you work in an area where squirrels roam freely. And if you have any questions, feel free to give our Maryland squirrel removal experts a call. We serve all of Maryland, as well as parts of Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, DC.