Maryland Bat Removal Help

There are 10 different species of bats in the state of Maryland but only 2 of these species are usually found roosting in attics. Even though bats can be a nuisance when they get into a home they are very beneficial. One Big Brown Bat can eat as many as 1000 mosquitoes in one night. Simply put bats are the best pest control company in Maryland and their service is free. Without bats, humans would be overwhelmed by mosquitoes and other insects and we would have to use a lot more pesticides than we already do now. Farmers love bats because they eat a lot of insects that cause very costly crop damage. In fact, many farmers are installing bat condos which are very large bat houses that can house up to 2000 bats at one time. The bat condo serves two purposes for the farm. The first purpose is that it houses the bats that eat the moths that cause farmers costly crop damages. The second purpose is that the design of the bat condo allows bat guano (bat droppings) to accumulate under the condo on the ground. Bat guano is a very expensive and very beneficial fertilizer. Over the past decade, several of the bat species have been plagued by a devastating disease called the White Noise Syndrome. The White Noise Syndrome has been responsible for killing millions of bats causing a drastic decline in the bat population. In addition, many irresponsible pest control companies kill bats that are roosting in their customer’s attics which is against the law. Even the larger nationwide pest control companies use pesticides to kill bats roosting in attics instead of following the laws which protect bats, humans, and pets.

Maryland bat removal companies like Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control abide by all of the laws and guidelines set forth by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. The only time it is legal to physically remove a bat or bat from a home is if the bat is flying around on the interior of the home such as a bedroom or living room. If you do find a bat flying around in your bedroom or in a room where people are sleeping or in a room where young children are then it is a good idea to contain the bat then call animal control and request to have the bat tested by the health department for rabies. Bats have very small teeth and many people have contracted the rabies virus when they were bitten by a bat while sleeping. So having the bat tested by the health department is a precautionary measure in case the bat has rabies. If a dog or cat had any physical contact with the bat it also may be a good idea to have the bat tested for rabies as well as contact your vet. If the bat was flying around inside the house and you are sure there was no physical contact with the bat then it is ok to release the bat outside. If you want to know how to get rid of bats in an attic or how to stop bats from getting into the roof the right way then give Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control a call at [Direct]. You can also give them a call if you just simply have a question about bats or any other wildlife in Maryland.