Most NW Washington DC residents are unaware of the high population of invasive raccoons in NW Washington DC until they hear noises coming from the attic at night. Many residents are uncertain who to call if raccoon’s are living in the attic and they often call the Washington DC animal control. However the Washington DC animal control does not handle wildlife control in Washington DC or pest control in Washington DC. The Washington DC raccoon control professionals (202-557-1443) or Washington DC raccoon control professionals (202-557-1443) do handle raccoon trapping in Washington DC. Invasive raccoons roam the allies of NW Washington DC after the sunsets looking for food however they are comfortably denning in attics, crawl spaces, and chimneys throughout the community. Invasive raccoons will climb up to the rooftop of row homes in NW Washington DC and rip a hole open in the soffit board, rack board, or even the rooftop its self. Invasive raccoons usually have multiple den sites within their territory and they will go back and forth between two attics or chimneys to den.

Invasive raccoons will destroy the insulation in the attic by flattening it as they run back and forth as well as urinating and defecating all over it. In many cases homeowners have to have an attic insulation company (202-557-1443) do attic insulation clean out and install new attic insulation after the raccoon removal and raccoon control process is complete. Many homeowners also have to have the ceilings in the upstairs of their home ripped out because the ceilings are saturated with raccoon urine. Raccoon trapping is the only way to do raccoon removal from an attic or raccoon removal from a chimney. It is extremely important to have a raccoon control professional seal up or repair damage caused by raccoon’s to ensure that you are keeping raccoon’s out of the attic or keeping raccoon’s out of the chimney. If you have invasive raccoons living in the chimney then raccoon removal professionals will remove raccoon’s from the chimney and install a raccoon proof chimney cap to keep invasive raccoons out of the chimney. If you have invasive raccoons living in the chimney do not start a fire in the fire place. The smoke from the fire will overwhelm the raccoon’s causing them to die in your chimney flu or causing them to run down the chimney into your living room and possible causing your home to catch fire. For more information about the fire hazards raccoon’s and create in your chimney visit the Washington DC Fire Department at 5101 Georgia Ave, NW Washington, DC 20011 or call their non-emergency number at 202-673-3224 or visit their website at