Pasadena Squirrel Trapping and Damage Repairs

With the high population of gray squirrels in Pasadena it’s inevitable that just about every resident will have a squirrel problem once during their residency in Pasadena. Every fall and winter gray squirrels flea the leafless trees and chew holes in the rooftops of unsuspecting Pasadena homeowners. Hundreds of Pasadena homeowners are calling Anne Arundel County squirrel removal professionals asking “How to get rid of squirrels in my attic”.  Pasadena homeowners are complaining about the scratching noises coming from the attic or scratching noises coming from the ceiling and scratching noises coming from the walls which gray squirrels commonly do in the early morning and in the evening. Evicting squirrels from the attic and keeping squirrels out of the attic can be a chore especially when you’re not sure what you are doing and the efforts you have put forth have been unsuccessful. To quickly resolve your squirrel problem in the attic call the Pasadena squirrel control professionals or the Pasadena squirrel removal professionals (443-417-3137). Humane squirrel trapping in Pasadena is just the beginning when a home has a squirrel infestation in the attic.  It’s imperative to trap only the squirrels that are denning in the attic and not attract other squirrels or wildlife to the baited squirrel traps on your property. To prevent other squirrels from denning in your attic once the squirrels that were denning in the attic are trapped and removed the entry holes that the squirrels chewed through the rooftop must be repaired. Using mesh over holes in the roof will only create costly moisture damage in the future because rainwater will continue to get into the attic.

It is very important to have squirrel control professionals (443-417-3137) properly repair the entry holes so that squirrels will no longer be able to get in your attic and rainwater will no longer get in your attic. Gray squirrels are a fire hazard so it’s important to remove squirrels from the attic as soon as you realize you have squirrels in the attic of your Pasadena home. Squirrels commonly chew on electrical wiring in attics causing over 20,000 homes each year to burn down in the United States. When the squirrel chews through the electrical wiring the hot wire and the natural wire touch each other causing spares to fly which catches the attic insulation on fire as well as any other flammable materials that are in the attic. If you have any other questions about the fire hazards squirrels and other rodents cause visit Jacobsville Fire Station, 3725 Mountain Road, Pasadena, MD 21122 or call them on their non-emergency number at 410-437-6677 or visit their web site at You can also visit Arminger Fire Station, 304 Mountain Road, Pasadena, MD 21122 or call them at their non-emergency number 410-360-3991 or visit them on the web at