Be Aware Of Pest Control Company Scam Tactics

I live off of Sligo Creek Pkwy in Silver Spring Maryland 20901 and I am writing this to warn anyone about certain pest control companies that are trying to scam homeowners that have a problem with squirrels in their attic. From the middle of January until the end of February I was home from work because I had a knee replacement surgery. During the second week in February, I started hearing scratching noises in my attic and I couldn’t climb a ladder to investigate. Years ago I had the same experience in a different house and it turned out to be squirrels. Also, my neighbor called me to let me know I have a hole in my fascia board in the front of the house that can be seen from the front yard. I contacted a Silver Spring pest control company that I have an annual service contract with to come out and do an inspection to determine how many holes the squirrels have chewed through and to give me an estimate on trapping the squirrels and sealing up the entry holes. The nationwide pest control company that I have an annual contract with sent out a technician who proceeded to inspect my attic but he never put a ladder up around the rooftop to see if there were any more holes other than the one in the fascia board that was visible from the front yard. I asked the technician why wasn’t he going to put a ladder up to inspect around my rooftop and he told me that squirrels never have more than one hole. I instantly know this was not true because I had a Squirrel problem years ago in another home I lived in and there were 2 entry holes. The technician proceeded to give me an estimate for $4,500 and told me that I had to have all the insulation in my attic removed and replaced with new insulation because the squirrel had urinated and defecated all over my attic. I knew that the squirrel had only been in my attic for about 2 weeks and since my attic is about 1,000 square feet I also knew that it was impossible for a squirrel to urinate and defecate throughout the entire attic in such a short period of time.

I decided to call a company that specializes in squirrel removal in Silver Spring. At the recommendation of a neighbor, I contacted Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control. The technician arrived on time and immediately put a ladder up around the rooftop to inspect for holes that the squirrel may have chewed through. After the representative for Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control completed the inspection around the rooftop and in the attic, he gave me an estimate for $345 dollars to remove the squirrel and seal up the two entry holes that he found while he was on the rooftop. I was shocked considering that the other company gave me an estimate for $4,500. I told the technician from Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control about the pest control company that told me I had to have my attic cleaned out and re-insulated because there were squirrel urine and feces all throughout the attic insulation and he laughed. He said that there are little to no squirrel feces. He then told me that I do not need my attic insulation replaced with new insulation and that many of the larger pest control companies use scare tactics on customers so that they sign the contract to have an attic cleanout and re-insulation done even though they do not need it. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control knows how to get rid of squirrels and is the best squirrel removal company in Silver Spring. They removed the squirrel and repaired the entry holes within three days. They charged me less than 8% of the cost the nationwide pest control company was going to charge me. I would like to say a big thank you to Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control for being honest and for doing a fantastic job. For our services, call [DirectNumber] today.