Professional Raccoon Trapping in Rockville

Every winter the residence of Rockville, Maryland contact Rockville animal control professionals wanting to know “how to get rid of raccoons” because raccoons are living in the attic. Raccoon trapping in Rockville keeps Rockville raccoon removal professionals and Rockville raccoon control experts very busy this time of the year. Even though raccoons are very cute they can cause a lot of roof damage as well as attic insulation damage. Raccoon control consists of raccoon removal by way of humane raccoon trapping or evicting raccoons from the attic. Once the critter control process is complete then Rockville raccoon removal professionals will repair the raccoon damage. Raccoon damage can be as simple as a pulled down soffit that needs to be screwed down or it can be more sever like a hole ripped open in the roof. Other damages caused by raccoons include fascia board damage, gutter damage, attic insulation damage, gable vent damage, attic fan damage, attic fan cover damage, dormer pocket damage, chimney cap damage, holes dug in the lawn, ripped screen doors, and so much more. Attic insulation takes the brunt of the damage when raccoons are living in the attic because raccoons will urinate and defecate all over it. After the urine has saturated the insulation in the attic then the ceiling below the attic insulation will absorb the urine causing a very bad odor and stains will appear on the ceiling.


Most homeowner’s insurance companies will cover raccoon damage including attic insulation. To learn more about damaged attic insulation removal services from the attic and new attic insulation installed contact Rockville raccoon control professionals at 240-599-6815. Raccoons living in the chimney can be a dangerous problem. It is never a good idea to start a fire in the fire place if an animal is living in the chimney because the smoke and the heat will overwhelm the animal killing it in the chimney flu. It is much more difficult to retrieve a dead animal out of the chimney then a live one and it’s also an expensive endeavor. On the other hand the animal may run out into the house causing your home to catch fire. Montgomery County raccoon removal professionals (240-599-6815) will evict raccoons from the chimney and install a raccoon proof chimney cap to keep raccoons out of the chimney. If you have any questions about the fire hazards caused by raccoons or other wildlife contact the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department at 380 Hungerford Drive, Rockville, Maryland, 20850 or call their non-emergency number at 301-424-2311 or visit them on the web at