Raccoon Prevention and Humane Removal

Clever, mischievous, resourceful, these are all ways we describe our masked furry intruders. Whether you’ve got a raccoon getting into your garbage cans, or worse yet, entering your home through a chimney or pet door, you have to address raccoon removal immediately. Raccoons can be destructive and harmful to humans, pets, lawns, and your home. There are many preventative measures that can be taken to assure your home is raccoon-proofed, at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control we recommend sealing all outside points of entry, removing food sources like outside pet food and bird feeders, and making sure your garbage cans have secure lids. Taking a few simple precautions like these will ensure that raccoons don’t view your home as a source of food or fun. If the time comes that a raccoon must be removed from your residence or property we believe that it should be done humanely, if possible. This is done through live trapping and removal of raccoons from your home or yard. Leave the removal to the experts, raccoons can carry disease and parasites, and while most raccoons won’t pick a fight, if threatened, they may lash out with claws or teeth. Our recommendations to those that have a raccoon pest in the house are to first and foremost stay calm. If possible, pets should be isolated before attempting anything further to protect their safety. Close off all parts of the house you can, in order to keep the raccoon from entering the home further, once they come in they may have a hard time remembering how to get out.

If possible open a door to the outside that the raccoon can access, it may exist on its own. If the raccoon doesn’t leave on its own then it’s time to reach out to wildlife control. If you are experiencing raccoon problems in your yard or woodpile it is best to contact a professional to evacuate the animal safely and humanely. We provide humane raccoon removal in Montgomery County, Howard County, Carroll County, Silver Spring, Potomac, Eldersburg, Westminster, Annapolis, Gaithersburg, and Anne Arundel County, as well as other counties throughout Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, DC, and Virginia. For more information on Raccoon removal contact us today.