Germantown is a populated town located in Montgomery County in the state of Maryland. With so many people living in one area, wildlife has probably been displaced in the process. While some critters will find alternative places to call their home, some critters will stay put and claim your Germantown house as their new home. One creature that has no problem living in an urbanized area is the raccoon. You may not think wildlife can survive in an area that is urbanized, but the raccoon can actually thrive in an area filled with people. The raccoon’s ability to hunt for food allows it to survive in an area like Germantown. The raccoon is able to hunt out rodents and insects as well as food left out in trash receptacles by humans.  The raccoon is also a very intelligent species and has the ability to remember how to solve problems for up to 3 years. This helps the raccoon enter areas, including homes, frequently, even if a barrier is placed. Raccoons have a tendency to find their way into homes through basements and attics. While the raccoon may seem harmless, its presence in your home can be quite harmful to your health. Raccoons carry several diseases that pose a serious threat to humans such as:

  1. Raccoon Roundworm- Roundworm is a larva that can be found in areas that raccoons have been present. It can also be present in the feces left by raccoons. The infection attacks the central nervous system and can become fatal to humans if left untreated. In the past year alone there have been 13 reports of raccoon roundworm.
  2. Rabies– Probably the most known disease carried by the raccoon, rabies affects the central nervous system of the human or animal it infects. If a human is bitten by a rabid raccoon, medical attention should be received immediately.
  3. Trichinosis– This disease is caused by a parasite carried by the raccoon. The symptoms of the disease can often be diagnosed as those of the flu. If the infection becomes severe, the individual may experience problems with breathing and with their heart. Extremely severe cases of infection can result in death.

If you believe a raccoon has entered your Germantown home, call the professionals at Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control. Our technicians are trained in the humane removal of raccoons as well as the sanitary cleanup of the raccoon feces. We are available, so never hesitate to call our technicians. Call Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control today at 443.417.3137 or visit our contact page. You can also follow Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control today on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.   Sources: